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Neo-Nówka Kabaret summarizes the visa scandal. “Prophetic Sketch”


Cabaret Neo-Nówka has been present on the Polish scene for over 20 years. The group is currently extremely popular, and their skits commenting on the political and social reality in our country are breaking popularity records on the Internet. There was a lot of talk recently about their skit “Christmas Eve”, in which… A family divided by politics argues fiercely with each other. Neo-Nówka also spoke after the widely commented speech Jarosław Kaczyński, who spoke, among others: about the low fertility rate in Poland, which he blamed young women who are supposed to “hit each other in the neck”, which is supposed to affect their fertility problems.

Now an archival recording of Neo-Nówka’s skit has appeared on YouTube. The speech concerned refugees from Dubai. The satirists only changed the name of the skit.

Continuation of the material below the video

The Neo-Nówka cabaret surprises again

“Filmmakers from Mumbai” is a reference to the famous scandal involving the sale of Polish visas to citizens of Asian and African countries. According to the findings of Onet journalists, one of the greatest curiosities of this scam was the creation of a non-existent Bollywood film crew from Indian emigrants.

— wrote satirists on social media.

The heroes of the skit are crooks who try to get money from the European Union at the office. They thought that refugees could get the money the fastest – that’s why Czesiek and Heniek pretended to be Arab newcomers. While talking to the official, they make up their legend on an ongoing basis, trying, for example, to prove their connections with Poland.


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