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Neo-Nówka and “Filmmakers from Mumbai”. “The sketch turned out to be prophetic”


Kabaret Neo-Nówka posted its old sketch on its YouTube channel, giving it a new name – “Filmmakers from Mumbai”. “This is our next skit that turned out to be prophetic. Despite the passage of time, it fits the current situation perfectly,” wrote the cabaret under the video, which is currently ranked seventh in the “On Time” tab on YouTube.

Neo-Nówka’s skit is about two men who come to the office to extort European funds from it. To do this, the men pretend to be two “refugees from Dubai”.

“This is our next skit, which turned out to be prophetic. Despite the passage of years, it fits the current situation perfectly. That’s why we post it on our channel, because it wasn’t here before. And now it’s time for hate: 3, 2, 1, now… and enjoy viewing for everyone…” wrote the cabaret under the sketch.

“It’s just timeless and it won’t change in this country”; “Well, I don’t know if you are prophetic or do you also use a Pegasus?”; “I see that you applied for visas before it was fashionable,” read the comments under the video.

The title of the skit and the comments refer to visa scandal in the United Right government. This concerns suspicions of corruption among officials and external companies in the process of issuing work visas for employees from Asia and Africa. The effect of the scandal was, among others, resignation of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Piotr Wawrzyk.

The rest of the text is below the video.

Neo-Nówka Christmas Eve

The Neo-Nówka cabaret became very famous after his performance at a cabaret event in Koszalin last year. The comedians mocked the government, the voters of Law and Justice and Polish Television.

In the story, viewers saw an argument between a father, who is an admirer of “Jarosław’s government”, and his son, who supports the opposition. And all this in the style of the well-known skit from 2018 entitled “Christmas Eve”.

It is true that both characters were shown in a negative light – they only care about their father’s inheritance – but many saw the sketch from the Wrocław cabaret primarily as a criticism of Law and Justice and its voters.

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