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Navya Nanda urges people to stand up against street harassment


“This International Anti-Harassment Week, let us pledge to create awareness and educate ourselves to effectively manage street harassment. Spam and unwanted comments and behavior in public is street harassment. This year, I am honored to support L’Oréal Paris in its initiative to stand up against street harassment. Stand Up is an international training program against street harassment, developed by L’Oreal Paris in partnership with the expert NGO Hollabak! The program offers a proven 5-pronged methodology—Guiding, Distracting, Delegating, Documenting, Delaying—to help both men and women intervene safely if they witness or experience street harassment, Navya said.

“Stand Up not only aims to raise awareness about street harassment, but at the same time encourages bystanders to step in, support victims, and safely discourage harassers. I feel proud to be part of this empowering cause initiative with L’Oréal Paris, which will help further my endeavors to create space more inclusive of women.

Navya Nanda was a strong advocate for women’s empowerment and stood her ground for crucial social issues. She is the founder of Project Naveli, a non-profit initiative that provides women with access to resources and opportunities in healthcare, legal awareness, education, and financial independence to allow for economic and social development.

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