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Napoleon Bonaparte’s hat sold for a record amount


The hat, known as a bicorn, is in distinctive colors. Black with blue, white and red insignia flags French. – It attracts collectors from all over the world – said Jean-Pierre Osenat, an expert from the Parisian auction house Drouot.

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Napoleon Bonaparte’s hat sold

The owner The hat’s holder was the businessman Jean-Louis Noisiez, who died last year. The final price was more than twice the estimated amount of PLN 800,000 euro.

Napoleon is believed to have had around 120 of these hats in total, most of which have been lost. According to the auction house, Napoleon wore this particular hat halfway through his term as emperor, from 1808 to 1815. Unlike most people of the time, the French leader wore his hat pushed to the side. It gave it a certain look, easily recognizable by his soldiers in battle. “The hat itself represented the image of the emperor,” the auction house said.

The auction house refused to provide details of the hat’s final buyer.

Sunday’s auction took place just before the world premiere of the biographical film about Napoleon. Ridley Scott’s film will be released in cinemas in Poland on June 24 November. The main role was played by Joaquin Phoenix, known from “Joker”.


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