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Morgan Freeman falls ill with an unknown illness, and misses a promotional trip to the UK


LOS ANGELES, July 12 (IANS) On his way to the UK to promote his new series Special Ops: Lioness, actor Morgan Freeman missed his plane after contracting an unknown illness.

After developing a fever, the actor stayed with doctors, who believed he had contracted a “contagious infection.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the actor’s rep said, “Morgan has a fever and his doctor felt he had a contagious infection, so he canceled his trip. He’s fine now.”

The actor was set to go to the UK alongside colleagues Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman to promote his new spy series.

According to the Daily Mail, Special Ops: Lioness is inspired by a real CIA program, and follows the life of Marine Jo (Zoe) as she tries to balance her personal and professional life as the CIA’s spearhead in the war. on horror.

Written by Taylor Sheridan, who is usually best known for his Westerns, the series will see him try to shake up the genre as he works with Morgan, Zoe, and Nicole as well as Laysla De Oliveira and Michael Kelly.

Zoe takes on the lead role of Jo, station chief of The Lioness Program, who must train and lead female underground operatives to prepare them for the danger that lies ahead.

Nicole plays Kaitlyn Meade, a senior supervisor at the CIA, who enlists Marines Ryder Cruz (de Oliveira) to work undercover alongside Joe amid the CIA’s efforts to thwart the upcoming 9/11.

On the other hand, The Dark Knight actor plays the role of US Secretary of State Edwin Mullins in the show.

The spy thriller is set to premiere on July 23 with its first two episodes on Paramount Channel+. Thereafter, one episode will be released per week, with the series ending on 3 September.

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