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“Millionaires”. He heard a question about a certain device and was stunned. Even an IT friend couldn’t help


In the previous episode, Mr. Michał from Lesko started the game. Privately, he is a fan football. He especially supports his local club. He is a historian by education and works in a museum. The participant managed to answer the question worth PLN 1,000. However, there were some problems here and had to use the lifeline – question for the audience. In the 690th episode, he continued to fight for the main prize.

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“Millionaires”. The lifebuoys did not hold on to the participant. He quickly used them

Mr. Michał also had difficulties with subsequent bets. The questions surprised him. “Traditional aioli sauce should not be eaten by people with allergies,” he read Hubert Urbański. The participant didn’t hesitate for a long time and almost immediately decided to use half and half. The lifebuoy indicated the answer C. “for tomatoes” and the answer D. “for garlic”. The historian chose the second option. It was a good choice. – The way I look at it, these wheels are no longer there and it’s a pity – he noted. Despite this, he did not give up. However, there is also a question worth 5,000. zlotys turned out to be equally problematic.

The device connecting wagons in rail vehicles and the electronic system connecting the functional devices of the digital system are:

A. harness

B. coupling


D. outerface

As soon as you heard it, you could see that it did not come from a field close to the participant. He took a deep breath. – Difficult again – he said. However, he began to think aloud about the correct option. It seemed to him that it must be one of the Polish words. He decided to use the last lifeline and called friend, Rafał. He happens to be an IT specialist. Still, he couldn’t help. He bet on C. and the participant also decided on this option, but unfortunately it was a wrong shot. This device is a coupler.

‘Millionaires’ photo: screen tvn player

Other interesting questions in “Millionaires”

In episode 688 o million Mrs. Laura, an engineer and employee of a motor company, fought for the zloty. Unfortunately, her game ended with the question for PLN 20,000, which was: After the death of which ruler, Władysław Łubieński was the last to serve as interrex in Poland? She followed her partner’s suggestion, which was wrong. Mr. Przemysław appeared in the 686th episode of the program. His task was to indicate the appropriate continuation of Mickiewicz’s poem. From the very beginning he had a lot of doubts. By deduction, he indicated the third possible variant. However, as it turned out, it was not correct. He left the studio without any winnings.


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