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Mikołaj Roznerski’s mother surprised the actor in her “live” appearance. “You could have given it to me later” :: RMF FM


Mikołaj Roznerski and his mother were guests in the Sunday edition of the program: “Dzień Dobry TVN”. At one point, Mrs. Dorota surprised the actor by giving him an original gift in front of the cameras. “You could have given it to me later,” the star admitted.

Mikołaj Roznerski’s mother

Mikołaj Roznerski is a very family-oriented person who, at the same time, cares about his privacy. Hence, among the star’s publications on Instagram, you will not find, for example, photographs showing Roznerski’s son – Antoni – in all his glory.

From time to time, the series’ Marcin Chodakowski from “M jak miłość” posts frames with family members. Thanks to this, the 39-year-old’s fans could see, among others: snapshots of his mother – Dorota Bieniarz.

The star’s parent is currently taking care of alpacas. The small farm was visited by the crew of the “Dzień Dobry TVN” program. In one of the weekend editions, Roznerski and his mother talked about the bond between them. Suddenly something happened that the man did not expect!

Mikołaj Roznerski with his mother in “Dzień Dobry TVN”

During a conversation with the reporter of “DD TVN” – Piotr Wojtasik – Mikołaj Roznerski admitted that he loved his mother very much. He also mentioned, among others: about the work put into creating an alpaca-friendly place:

(…) When I come here, it is so peaceful, a nice exchange of Warsaw life for a nice space. My mother did all this alone, with her husband (…) My mother doesn’t have time to come to Warsaw because there are alpacas, but I understand that.

Mrs. Dorota, in turn, explained where her love for these animals comes from:

(…) Forty years of working in a kindergarten, but I always wanted to be a veterinarian (…). I have dogs, I had cats, but it wasn’t enough. I read about alpaca therapy and what effect it has on humans (…).

At the end of the conversation, the woman decided to give her son a gift. It was a quilt made of wool obtained from alpacas. Mrs. Dorota announced to the cameras that it was a gift given in connection with the completion of work on the construction of Santa’s house. Roznerski reacted to this surprise with surprise, but also with humor, saying:

(…) Thank you, mom, but you could have given it to me later. Thank you that all of Poland sees this. Everyone will see what blanket I sleep under. I invite you to get under the covers then (…).

You can see the entire recording here.

Roznerski in a family photo with an adorable toddler. The boy looked straight into the camera! “Nice boys”

Mikołaj Roznerski showed off his family photo. The actor, well known to the viewers of “M jak miłość”, posed with his nephew. The toddler looked straight into the camera! “Nice guys,” Internet users gushed.


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