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Mateusz Morawiecki on the mission of forming a government. “They sent us a simple signal”


— President Andrzej Duda entrusted me with the mission of creating a new government. A difficult mission, perhaps the most difficult one I have ever had to deal with, but it is not, contrary to the opinions of malicious people, “mission impossible”. Even if it were, I don’t rule out that I would go for it too, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in a podcast published on Facebook on Sunday.

He noted that a politician cannot freely decide whether he wants to take on “such challenges.” He added that “an electoral mandate obliges us to fulfill the promises made to voters.” As he emphasized, Poles “indicated Law and Justice as the winner of the last elections.”

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A signal from the Poles

— Poles guaranteed PiS the second best electoral result in the history of the Third Polish Republic and this is an incredible achievement. And at the same time, they sent us a simple signal: this time you have to get along with others. They sent the same signal to all other political forces. There is no dominant party in parliament today that would have the right to decide on everything, without regard to others, said the Prime Minister.


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