Let’s travel together.

Marina Łuczenko got out of the SUV. Our eyes widened when we saw her legs


Although Marina Łuczenko and Maciej Szczęsny have an apartment in Warsaw and an exclusive villa near the capital, they rarely visit Poland due to the work of our football representative. Marina and the goalkeeper live in Turin, where he plays for Juventus. During her visits to Poland, the singer catches up on social issues and also visits exclusive boutiques. Recently, she drove up to one of them in her large SUV, but when she got out, one was surprised. And it’s not about the fur coat that was supposed to keep her warm on a warm November afternoon, but about the shoes!

Wojciech Szczęsny and his wife like good and large cars. The spouses apparently like SUVs. They have already appeared once in the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge, which costs up to PLN 1.46 million.

Recently, the couple has been choosing a different SUV. Some time ago, Marina drove her husband to a training camp of the Polish national team in a big white Mercedes. Now the singer is behind the wheel of the giant again. This time, however, it was about shopping and visiting my favorite boutiques.


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