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Małgosia will return to M jak miłość?! It is possible!


Will Małgosia appear again in “M jak miłość”?! Such a scenario may happen!

Joanna Koroniewska left “M jak miłość” 10 years ago, when her character was possessed by a sect in the USA. Since then, Małgosia, with the face of her original impersonator, did not appear in Grabina, but only appeared in the statements of other family members. And although the production repeatedly encouraged the actress to return to the beloved TVP series and therefore left the door open and did not kill off her character, she still heard “no” from Koroniewska. However, a similar voice was also expressed by the son of Barbara and Lucjan, who with his wife Ewa (Dominika Kluzak) and her son Antek (Jakub Jankiewicz) flew to Australia, but in the special episode “M jak miłość Christmas Eve at Mostowiaków” Marek (Kacper Kuszewski) has already appeared and that too after several years of absence! AND now the long-unseen Jacek Milecki will also appear in the series (Robert Gonera). However, in the case of Małgosia, another alternative is also possible if Koroniewska did not agree to return!

Namely, the role of Małgosia in “M jak miłość” could be played by another actress, which has already happened at Tomek’s funeral (Andrzej Młynarczyk). Chodakowska then flew to her ex-husband’s funeral, but her face was so covered that only Marysia (Małgorzata Pieńkowska) could recognize her. But she didn’t have a chance to talk to her because her sister quickly disappeared. It could be no different now, especially since in the upcoming episodes of “M jak miłość” such a procedure will also be used in this case Natalka, who will no longer be played by Marcjanna Lelek, but by Dominika Suchecka! And on this occasion, fans of the beloved TVP series on the Super Express Seriale Facebook profile, under the graphic about Natalka’s change, began to suggest this solution also in the case of Małgosia!

– They did the right thing with this change, Małgosia could also come back with a “new face” since Koroniewska doesn’t want to play her anymore – suggested one of the fans, which was met with great approval from the others.

Therefore, in this configuration, Małgosia’s return to “M jak miłość” would still be possible, regardless of Koroniewska’s decision! All the more so because Natalka, or Małgosia herself, are not the first people to appear with new faces in “M jak miłość”, when their original actors said goodbye to the hit TVP2 series. This includes, among others, Lenka, who is currently played by Olga Cybińska instead of Marysia Głowacka, or characters with many more changes in the actors playing them, such as in the case of Łukasz (Jakub Józefowicz), Ania (Gabriela Świerzyńska) or Basia Rogowska (Karina Woźniak)! Will Małgosia also join them? We’ll find out!

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