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Major General Assem Mounir vows no mercy to rioters and vandals on May 9


RAWALPINDI, MAY 21 (IANS) Chief of Pakistan Army Staff (COAS) General Syed Asim Munir said the legal process to prosecute the planners, instigators, instigators and perpetrators involved in the May 9 tragedy has begun under Pakistan Army Act and official secrecy. Local media reported that the work is in accordance with established and established legal procedures derived from the Constitution of Pakistan.

Addressing the garrison officers, the army chief said: “The army derives its strength from the people and any effort to create a rift between the army and the Pakistani people is an act against the state that cannot be tolerated or condoned under any circumstances.” Soldiers at the Corps headquarters during a visit to Lahore.

The Express Tribune reported that the army chief was briefed on the events of the black day of May 9 when he visited Jinnah’s home and a military facility that had been blatantly attacked and vandalized by politically motivated rioters.

While interacting with the forces, General Asim said, “The hostile and hostile forces and their instigators are trying hard to create confusion through false news and propaganda, but all these plans of the enemy will be defeated with the support of the nation.”

Later, COAS also visited Services Hospital, Lahore and inquired about the safety of DIG Ali Nasir Rizvi, who was injured by political miscreants during the May 9 incident.

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