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Magdalena Zawadzka is seen with a famous director. What do they have in common?


Magdalena Zawadzka has been present on smaller and larger screens for many years. Known for such productions as: “Pan Wołodyjowski” or “Nights and Days”. She was married to a director and actor for over three decades Gustaw Holoubek. Recently, the actress has been seen in the company of a famous director Janusz Majewski. In the latest interview, Zawadzka and Majewski talked about what really connects them.

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Magdalena Zawadzka seen alongside a famous director. She calls him “master”

Since Magdalena Zawadzka and Janusz Majewski appeared together at the premiere of the film “Eccentrics”, gossip portals began to write that a romance began between the two. In an interview with Pomponik, the director revealed that the fact that they both lost their spouses brought them closer together. However, they are connected only by friendship.


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