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Magdalena Zawadzka is no longer alone? She is dating a famous director. “Janusz is a champion”


Magdalena Zawadzka is one of the most recognizable actresses in Poland. He has played roles in cult productions such as “Pan Wołodyjowski” and “Nights and Days”. Despite the passage of time, the star still radiates and delights with her beauty. Magdalena Zawadzka has been a widow for 15 years. Her husband for many years was a legendary actor and director Gustaw Holoubek. Recently, the actress has been seen in the company of the famous director Janusz Majewski. In one of the latest interviews, the interested parties revealed something more than that friendship.

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Magdalena Zawadzka is no longer alone? She appeared alongside Janusz Majewski

Since Magdalena Zawadzka and Janusz Majewski appeared together on premiere movie “Eccentrics” gossip portals began to write that there was a relationship between these two Romance. In an interview with the Pomponik.pl portal, the director did not hide the fact that the fact that they both lost their spouses brought them closer together. However, as it turns out, all they have in common is friendship. They like spending time in each other’s company and often support each other. – Since we were both alone, we have been very friends. I know I can count on Magda, and she on me. On the occasion of the premiere of the film “Eccentrics”, we appeared together on the red carpet. We accompany each other during important events and support each other. It is important to know that we have someone close to us who will not let us down and is there when we need him, he said.

Magdalena Zawadzka about her relationship with Janusz Majewski. That’s what she calls him

Magdalena Zawadzka has a very good opinion about herself friend. In an interview with the same website, she revealed how she addresses him. She calls him “master”. The nickname is intended to refer to his extraordinary character director. – Masters have one thing in common: they love actors, trust them and try to make them look the best in their works. They serve their own people talent, but they do not paralyze. They are cultured, well-mannered and have a sense of humor. Janusz is a master who has these features, not to mention the personal charm that… movie “It’s useful,” she admitted.

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