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Magdalena Zawadzka is beaming. She is seen alongside a famous director


Magdalena Zawadzka was in a relationship with her second husband over 30 years ago. The actress experienced his loss very much. Today, she tries to live her life to the fullest, and she radiates in her photos. There is also someone important in her life with whom she has a lot in common. Is she in love again? Or maybe it’s true friendship?

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Magdalena Zawadzka and Janusz Majewski: what do they have in common?

The actress known from such productions as “Pan Wołodyjowski” or “Nights and Days” has recently been looking beautiful and attracting attention with her new glow. Although time passes, she seems to have found the recipe for eternal youth. She is also seen in the company of the famous director, Janusz Majewski. Questions began to arise in show business about what connects these two. In one of the interviews, they revealed what everyone had been waiting for.

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It’s more than friendship

They could be seen together at the premiere of the film “Eccentrics”. From that moment on, fans of the actress and director went crazy, speculating about a romance. Janusz Majewski admitted in a conversation with Pomponik that there is actually something more than friendship between them. They both experienced the loss of their beloved partners, which created a unique bond between them. They became closer, but what united them was only friendship. They enjoy spending time together and they understand each other very well.

“Since we both became alone, we have been very close friends. I know I can count on Magda, and she on me. On the occasion of the premiere of the film “Eccentrics”, we appeared together on the red carpet. We accompany each other during important events and support each other. It is important to know that we have someone close to us who will not let us down and is there when we need him, said Majewski.

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The actress also had warm words for the director, calling him a master.

Magdalena Zawadzka


“Masters have one thing in common: they love actors, trust them and try to make them look the best in their works. They serve them with their talent, but they do not paralyze them. They are cultured, well-mannered and have a sense of humor. Janusz is a master who has these features, not to mention personal charm, which is useful in the film,” said the actress in one of the interviews.

Friendships like these, connecting people after difficult experiences, must be truly special.


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