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Magdalena Narożna showed a new hairstyle. A bold change?


Magdalena Narożna She is well known to many as the singer of the band “Piękni i Młodzi”.

For several years, he has been one of the most popular disco polo stars who cannot complain about the lack of interest.

The door to her career was opened by the program “Must be the music. Only music”. She appeared in it with a band, but with a slightly different lineup. At that time, her husband also accompanied her on stage. However, the couple’s divorce meant that Dawid Narożny stopped being a member of “Beautiful and Young”.

The singer is currently active not only in the disco polo industry, but also in social media. She has 225,000 followers on Instagram. people, and the group of her fans is constantly growing. The profile includes plenty of shots from the stage and from preparations for concerts. In addition, Magdalena Narożna willingly shares her family photos and shows how she spends her free time.

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This time, the leader of the “Piękni i Młodzi” band showed off the results of her visit to the hairdresser. She immediately posted a photo of her new hairstyle on her Instagram profile and noted that she had undergone another metamorphosis.

Just a few years ago, their trademark was short blonde hair. However, Magdalena Narożna decided to grow her hair a bit, so there is no trace of her pixie cut hairstyle anymore.

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The singer remained faithful to her blonde hair, but this time she chose a slightly darker shade. It seems that she also opted for hair extensions, which most fans liked. They did not spare her kind words in her post. “Great hair”, “You look beautiful” – they wrote.

In addition to the photo, Magdalena Narożna also published a roll straight from the hairdressing salon. The short video clearly shows the new hair color, and Internet users did not have to wait long for their reactions. However, not everyone liked the new hairstyle. “In my opinion, it was nicer in shorts with a sharp edge”, “This weak color is much better in a light one” – we read on Instagram.



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