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Łukasz Nowicki’s car found. “With changed boards” – WP Teleshow




Just a dozen or so hours after the theft, the actor and TVP presenter’s car was found. Despite this, Łukasz Nowicki admits that he took this situation hard.

Łukasz Nowicki has been full of fear lately. When the actor woke up on Saturday morning, it turned out that his car had disappeared from outside his house.

Analysis of surveillance footage confirmed that the car had been stolen.

– This “nice gentleman will drive away in our car in a moment” – he reported on InstaStories, publishing a blurry photo of the thief, from which it was impossible to recognize him.

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The host of the TVP game show “Bet on a Million” reported the theft to the police. She quickly took action, because in the evening Nowicki reported the news that the car had been found.

The car was found in the forest near Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki with changed registration plates.

He’s in the police parking lot. I don’t know what the damage is because I can’t check it,” the actor said on InstaStories.

Despite this, the actor admitted that the whole situation cost him a lot of nerves.

“A very unpleasant event. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!” – added.

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