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Łódź: Cardinal Lynx: Saint Stanisław Kostka, being young, achieved mature faith!


2023-09-18 14:00

priest Paweł Kłys

– Saint Stanisław Kostka is not shown by the Church because he was a young man, but because, being young, he achieved mature faith! There are young people whose maturity puts adults to shame, said Cardinal. Lynx.

The summa of indulgence celebrated on September 18, on the liturgical commemoration of Saint Stanisław Kostka – patron of the Archcathedral Basilica in Łódź, was presided over by the Metropolitan of Łódź, Cardinal Grzegorz Ryś. The liturgy was attended by: Bishop Ireneusz Pękalski, Bishop Marek Marczak, canons of the cathedral chapters and students and teachers of primary and secondary schools in Łódź.

Cardinal Grzegorz Ryś spoke in his homily to children and youth about what delights about 12-year-old Jesus and 18-year-old Stanisław Kostka, i.e. about a mature relationship with God and the obedience in which one grows. – Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I should be in what belongs to my Father? – This is the first sentence of Jesus recorded by the evangelist. With these words, Christ wants to tell us that God is His Father. This is the Gospel that you can be 12 years old and have a way of living with God that even your loved ones won’t understand! It was similar in the case of Saint. Stanisław Kostka, whose relatives did not understand what he wanted to do by joining the Jesuits – noted the archbishop.

– The first rule of development, growth and maturation – ask yourself: who is God in your life? See how this relationship creates you? Have you discovered that God is your Father and you are His child? – asked the priest. – Jesus returned to Nazareth and was subject to them. – The Fathers of the Church wrote that the One who is the Creator of the Universe obeyed the carpenter. He listened to a man whose entire skill was craftsmanship. The Creator of the whole world submits to obedience and this develops it – He grows. This is something that is not entirely popular today – to obey, to be submissive, and to experience it as a moment of development, as a moment of growth. You have to be a very mature person to submit to obedience and to grow in this experience. There is also a question for those who have power in the Church or at school – is it exercised in such a way that those who are subject to them can grow? This is a very important question, the preacher emphasized.

– Saint Stanisław Kostka, when he escaped from Vienna, went to Germany and stayed in Jesuit communities and he was no novice there, but he served – fulfilling all menial functions, washing pots, wiping, cleaning – nothing more, but those who looked at him were convinced that he was growing and that is why they finally sent him to Rome, to the novitiate, where he was accepted. Stanisław had a moment of descent in spirit, into menial work, into a gray life that no one sees, that no one notices. What are these activities for a boy who says he is destined for higher things? But this can only be understood by someone who is truly mature, the priest noted.

At the end of the liturgy, the Metropolitan of Łódź blessed those gathered with the relics of Saint. Stanisław Kostka.

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