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“I encourage you to be more creative and intellectual,” teaches Anna Lewandowska in the voice of Szymon Hołownia in her new video on TikTok. This is how she commented on the criticism of her dancing skills. Did she show distance?

Anna Lewandowska

is extremely ambitious and goal-oriented. It is impossible to deny her predisposition to sports and flair for business, thanks to that

he has been earning a fortune for years

on motivating others to work on their figure. Some time ago, “Lewa” set itself a new goal –

she insisted on dancing bachata

. As usual, she approached the task with full commitment –

hired a trainer

and under his supervision she practiced her steps for many months.

Anna has often boasted about the effects of working with a dance instructor on social media. Unfortunately, Internet users did not like her performances, as they thought that

her movements are wooden and she has no sense of rhythm.

However, “Lewa” does not intend to give up and continues to try her hand at dancing.


An Internet user criticizes Anna Lewandowska for not being able to dance: “The lady in pink is BETTER.” The celebrity replied (VIDEO)

Lewandowska was inspired by Hołownia

Although Anna assures that she doesn’t care about criticism, the negative comments seem to have hurt her a bit. She just posted a video on TikTok where she…

moves his mouth in sync with Szymon Hołownia’s voice

placed in the background. Anna chose the statement of the new Speaker of the Sejm addressed to


-u during the last deliberations.

I really appreciate your comments and remarks, but from my perspective I would like to point out that they are becoming a bit monothematic.

I encourage you to be more original and intellectual. You also need to be able to offend

– Lewandowska “says” in the recording in Hołownia’s voice.

Anna added that she reacts this way when she reads comments under videos of her dancing bachata. She wrote provocatively under the video:

“So, throw in another dance?”

Did she show that she had some distance towards herself?

Source: pudelek.pl

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