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Legia takes over a first league club. Dariusz Mioduski’s clever plan


Legia Warszawa will become the owner of a first league club. Owner Dariusz Mioduski intends to buy SWD Wodzisław Śląski, as reported by the website legionowcy.net. The head of Legia has already helped the women’s club in the past, and now he plans to take it over and accelerate the path of the Warsaw club’s women’s section to the top league.

SWD Wodzisław Śląski was already struggling with huge financial problems before the start of the current season. It was not even known whether the club would be able to start in the women’s first league, but Dariusz Mioduski stepped in. “It seemed that the SWD Wodzisław Śląski Club would not recover after numerous blows and would give up the league competition. In this absolutely crisis situation, the invaluable help from Mr. Dariusz Mioduski allowed us to hope that in the autumn round, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the club’s existence “SWD will continue to please fans and fans of women’s football with its game,” the club wrote at the time. Now Mioduski has even bigger plans for the women’s team.

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Legia Warszawa takes over a club from the first league. A great opportunity for the development of women’s football

The portal Legionowcy.com informs that “the Silesian Football Association received a letter from SWD, in which the management board informed about the planned sale to the company Legionistki sp. z o. o. based in Warsaw at Łazienkowska 3.” The women’s section, which plays in the first league, is to be sold.

The 100% owner of Legionistki is Wawa Group SA, headed by Mioduski. If the sale actually takes place, Legia will become the owner of a club at the first league level and will be able to significantly accelerate the development of its women’s section.

Currently, Legia Ladies only plays in the 3rd league, which is the fourth level of the competition in the country. “With Łazienkowska, they are thinking about taking shortcuts,” writes the portal legionowcy.net, pointing out that now Legia’s women’s team could actually skip two levels and compete in the women’s top league.

For now, SWD Wodzisław Śląski is not doing well in the first league. So far, the players have lost all nine matches this season and are in last, 12th place in the table. The team will have two more matches in this round and perhaps the club will have a new owner in the winter.


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