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KSW 88: Rutkowski vs. Kaczmarczyk – results and live report


Results and live coverage from the KSW 88 gala: Rutkowski vs. Kaczmarczyk, which takes place in Radom.

Full results of the gala KSW 88which ended with a clash Daniel Rutkowski With Patryk Kaczmarczyk below.

KSW 88 results

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Fight of the night

65.8 kg: Patryk Kaczmarczyk (11-2) def. Daniel Rutkowski (16-4) by unanimous decision (3 x 29-28)

Co-main event

83.9 kg: Piotr Kuberski (13-1) def. Bartosz Leśka (13-4-2) by KO (punches), R2

The remaining

93 kg: Marcin Wójcik (19-8) def. Luis Henrique Da Silva (19-10) by KO (chin), R2
83.9 kg: Albert Odzimkowski (13-7) def. Jorge Luis Bueno (10-4) by KO (punches), R2
120.2 kg: Stefan Vojcak (7-1) def. Kamil Gawryjołek (5-1) by TKO (punches), R1
65.8 kg: Daniel Tarchila (7-2) def. Vladyslav Falbiychuk (0-1) by submission (RNC), R1
72 kg: Ramzan Jembiev (5-1) def. Fabian Łuczak (2-1) by submission (RNC), R1
52.2 kg: Maria Silva (10-1) def. Anita Bekus (7-4) by unanimous decision (3 x 30-27)
83.9 kg: Konrad Rusiński (6-1) def. Krystian Bielski (9-6) by submission (RNC), R1
80kg: Michał Gniady (2-0) def. Jacek Gacia (2-1) by TKO (GNP from the crucifix), R1

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