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Krzyszof Stanowski Zero Youtube channel schedule who will perform


Krzysztof Stanowski announced on Tuesday the launch of a YouTube channel with the nickname @KanalZeroPL. He encouraged me to subscribe to it.

– Good morning, I would like to ask you very politely to leave a sub on Channel Zero. This is not my solo career, but the biggest project I have ever imagined. And certainly the one that excites me the most. There will be a lot of great people involved. There will be time for details. However, your subs will help me create the right momentum and facilitate conversations with sponsors. So if you know someone who liked watching me, you can also ask for such a sub on my behalf. Thank you in advance – he wrote on X/Twitter. On Saturday evening, Channel Zero already had over 200,000 views. subscription.

– New Project. Planned launch on February 1, 2024 – we read in the description of Channel Zero. For several years, Stanowski ran the “Journalism Zero” series in Channel Sportowy, in which he humorously commented on various events outside the world of sports. This summer in several much longer episodes, he described in detail how celebrity Natalia Janoszek made up her career in Bollywood.

Krzysztof Stanowski also announced on Instagram that she will be one of many creators in the new channel. – This is not my solo career, but the biggest project I have ever imagined. And certainly the one that excites me the most. There will be a lot of great people involved. There will be time for details – he described.

Wandzel in the Sports Channel

Krzysztof Stanowski, through the Wełości TV company, owned one fourth of the shares of Kanał Sportowy. The remaining shares belonged to Michał Pol, Tomasz Smokowski (who is also the company’s proxy) and Mateusz Borek. Stanowski remained silent for a long time about maintaining his package.

However, according to the information provided to the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal by Michał Pol, Stanowski (more precisely: WeszloTV) will remain a shareholder of Channel Sportowy: – Nothing changes here – assured Pol. Ultimately However, Krzysztof Stanowski sold the shares to Maciej Wandzl, former co-owner of Legia Warszawa.

Borek attacks, Stanowski responds

Last Sunday, in the “Hejt Park” program, the remaining co-owners of the channel spoke about Stanowski’s departure from Channel Sportowy. Mateusz Borek expressed his strongest words.

– This is childish. Deleting a description from Twitter or Instagram. I had a conversation with Krzysiek (…) We were supposed to establish some boundary conditions, a date, and an announcement about leaving the canal. Krzysiek made an appointment with me on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Friday, when recording the last Mazurka, which was not broadcast, paid for but not broadcast, I did it myself [Stanowski] posted a statement, Borek revealed.

– I don’t want to beat around the bush, because I always speak simply, honestly and sincerely. We did not agree on whether this material should have been broadcast – said the journalist about the October episode of the “Mazurek i Stanowski” program, recorded shortly before the parliamentary elections. – And I’m not talking before the elections. However, I was in favor of broadcasting it after the elections, so that people could see what Krzysztof Stanowski and Robert Mazurek came up with in this episode – said Mateusz Borek. Why was he protesting?

– There was various information about Tusk lying and squealing and more. I was in favor of the idea that if someone took responsibility for this material, if someone earned money for this material, why not broadcast it? We made a joint decision, because in our country votes are decisive. I lost this vote one to three – Mateusz Borek explained the reason for not broadcasting the material.

In a recording published on Friday afternoon, Krzysztof Stanowski explained why he decided to leave Kanał Sportowy. He pointed out, among others: for a dispute with the remaining partners, mainly Mateusz Borek. He also said, among other things, that he did not agree with the method of accounting for work results in force at the Channel and under what circumstances his mother was to be dismissed. He admitted that he wanted to buy the shares from Borek, but Borek was not interested. Then he wanted to sell his shares to the co-owners, but they did not accept his proposal. He assured that he was waiting for the broadcast of the last episode of “Mazurek – Stanowski”, for which he appealed to Borek.

The current co-owners of Channel Sportowy responded a few hours later in one of the programs. – We come to the conclusion that it is better to be silent at some point than to talk too much – said Tomasz Smokowski. – I don’t want to create an unnecessary spiral – added Mateusz Borek.

What’s next for Channel Sports and Krzysztof Stanowski?

After the media exchange of blows, many are wondering: what’s next for Channel Sportowy and Krzysztof Stanowski? Borek, Smokowski and Pol announce that they only want to look into the future. Stanowski also said that he did not want to return – unless forced – to the topic of separation from KS.

– I don’t know what’s happening today at Channel Sportowy and what plans Krzysztof Stanowski has, and I don’t usually comment on gossip. I respect the declaration of Michał Pol, who once told Wirtualne Media that he has not felt like a sports journalist for years: that he has become a YouTuber and that he prefers the term infotainment to journalism. For me, everything is clear here: I am watching an entertainment program, but during it I sometimes hear interesting comments and analyzes of people I know from practicing quality journalism – says in an interview with Wirtualnemedia.pl Michał Okoński, a publicist in the national section of “Tygodnik Powszechny” (he specializes in in football, about which he wrote two books, but also in Polish-Jewish relations).

Departure Krzysztof Stanowski from Channel Sportowy is not a big surprise? Kacper Sosnowski from Sport.pl admits: “I had this thought at the back of my mind several times as to how long these four strong characters would manage to work together, when more money or new projects would come into play, and when the Sports Channel itself would simply develop significantly. Especially since I had the opportunity to cooperate several years ago with Krzysztof Stanowski and I remember his approach. He always preferred to be his own helm, sailor and ship. This was also his career.”

Sosnowski previously worked, among others, on TVN 24 or Orange Sport. Like many journalists on the market, he followed Stanowski’s career. – Somewhere around his 25th birthday, after leaving “Przegląd Sportowy” and several other newspapers, he had an ambitious idea to try to start his own business. The Weśle portal has appeared. It is quite a comfortable situation for a journalist to create his own content and be his own boss in his institution. When joining Kanał Sportowy, Krzysztof Stanowski decided to cooperate with three other colleagues. He joined this project at a time when Mateusz Borek and Michał Pol had a generally stronger position on the sports journalism market – at least in terms of recognition. Their social media alone was then twice as large as Stanowski’s, with over half a million recipients. It seems to me that for each of the four it was a good opportunity to combine their forces, knowledge, reach and financial possibilities – Sosnowski says in an interview with Wirtualnemedia.pl.

They joined forces, and today they are going in their own direction

– Funds were also important here, because creating a television project on the Internet requires financial outlays. Krzysztof Stanowski also faced this issue when founding Wezzo. He didn’t start with video or radio productions right away. These were later projects, and he started with a portal. He had already cooperated with, among others, Orange Sport, then with Eleven Sports, where, with the participation of others, he undertook and created certain television projects, transferring the production to those who had the technical background. However, the more extensive his activities became, the greater his opportunities. Additionally, let’s remember about the development of technology. A dozen or so years ago, creating a program required larger and more expensive resources of other knowledge. Today, making a program is not an outer space, and certain solutions in Internet production are available to a wide group of creators – emphasizes Kacper Sosnowski.

The development of the YouTube platform has enabled many sports journalists to operate under completely different conditions compared to the past, when they were more associated with specific editorial offices or television stations.

– When the founders of Channel Sportowy joined forces, I thought it was a good and smart move for each of them. After a few years, it turned out that Krzysztof Stanowski, dealing not only with sports, but also with social and competitive topics, had entered other waters, which also gave him new scope. He became confident that he could do what he was doing at Channel Sportowy in any way he wanted and benefit from it himself. I don’t know what ultimately separated the four journalists, but Krzysztof will probably do well, as usual, in his own business. This is shown by the views of films and programs with his participation. I am also absolutely sure that Channel Sportowy will still be able to cope with a different personnel lineup – ends Kacper Sosnowski.

The Sports Channel, operating since spring 2020, has 1.12 million subscribers on its main YouTube channel, and the 4.3 million materials posted there have had a total of over 665 million views.

Last year Channel Sportowy more than doubled its revenues to PLN 24.07 million, and its net profit increased from PLN 1.6 to PLN 5.57 million. It paid PLN 4 million in dividends to shareholders.


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