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Krystyna Giżowska showed the house. How does the singer live?


Krystyna Giżowska is one of the biggest song stars in our country. Since the early 1980s, she has recorded 23 albums and hits that are still hummed by the whole of Poland. Her talent was also appreciated by critics at prestigious European competitions.

I was quite a chick back then. Youth is gone, but beauty remains – the singer said with a smile, looking through the photos.

The sympathy of fans, both old and new, means that the star’s calendar is full for half a year ahead. Soon, fans will see her on stage.

– New manager and new team. I always dreamed of riding with a team and cool, young people. I’m in high gear, but I like it when something happens, admitted Krystyna Giżowska.

After the concerts, the artist returns to her home in Łódź. He has lived there for several decades. We were there with cameras.

– This is my world. I live here, my paintings, porcelain, clocks are here… I was crazy about clocks at one time – said Krystyna Giżowska.

– I’m changing the kitchen, but I think it will be bright because I see the world more clearly. However, my beloved world is the winter garden, where I spend time, read and learn. I’m the type who can’t sit still – emphasized the singer.

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Author: Oskar Netkowski

Reporter: Dominika Łukaszewska

Main photo source: Good morning TVN


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