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Kowalczyk puts a pin in the frame. Strong words in the context of the play-offs – o2


Poland’s draw with the Czech Republic meant that the White and Reds lost their chance to directly advance to next year’s Euro. Poles will have to fight for promotion during the play-offs held in March.

A probable scenario is that Poland will face Estonia in the semi-finals of the play-offs, one of the weakest teams that still counts on participating in the fight for the championship.. However, the situation may change after the end of the last qualifying matches, which will be played on Monday.

Wojciech Kowalczyk commented on the probable clash between Poles and Estonians in his characteristic, acerbic style.. Former footballer, among others Legia Warszawa, and currently an expert of Channel Sportowy and Wełości.pl, did not hesitate to describe the rivals of the White and Reds in harsh words… as well as the Polish national team itself.

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Kowalczyk’s message is clear. Estonia is widely considered to be the Cinderella of football, and the national team of this country is, in the opinion of the Polish public, a dream rival. However, taking into account the poor performances of the White and Reds in recent matches, Kowalczyk believes that the Estonians may also react in a similar way to the clash with Poland.

There is no doubt that the controversial expert’s entry is a thorn in Polish football players. Despite the poor form of the White and Reds, Kowalczyk’s words should be treated as an exaggerated figure of speech. You only need to look at Estonia’s results in the qualifications to understand that public opinion in this country will certainly not underestimate the Poles.

Estonia has won only one point in eight Group F matches and can “boast” of a disastrous goal balance – our potential rivals in the play-offs scored only two goals and conceded as many as 22 goals.


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