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Korwin Piotrowska about the new show with Janoszek. “Desperate patocelebra” – pudelek.pl




Karolina Korwin Piotrowska does not hide that she will not wait for the premiere episode of the new Player reality show with Natalia Janoszek and Marta Linkiewicz. “You have to reach deeper, lower, below the bottom, because that’s the only way to guarantee viewership.”

A few days ago, we informed that Player is preparing a new reality show format for its viewers, this time with the participation of scandalous women who have made a lot of trouble in Polish show business in recent months. The honorary list of participants included, among others:

Natalia Janoszek


Aneta Glam


Caroline Derpienski

she used to affectionately call “Grandma A.” We decided to ask

Karolina Korwin Piotrowska

, what he thinks about the new program offer of his former employer. After all, Player falls under the TVN umbrella. Suffice it to say that the journalist is not a fan of the production.


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Miszczak about “TzG” and Stanowski from Janoszki


Karolina Korwin Piotrowska sharply talks about the new program with Natalia Janoszek. Strong words were spoken

The prospect of taking several ladies with a rather shady reputation to the jungle does not surprise Korwin Piotrowska in particular. The journalist is aware of the challenges television is currently facing, which is why she considers such desperate measures somewhat understandable.

At first I thought it was a joke, that someone was tricking me, but it turned out not to be the case. In the face of the crisis of television, when its viewers look for entertainment elsewhere, mainly on the Internet and on streaming services, or they stop watching this medium, or they die out,

you have to catch patho-celebrities to survive

. A drowning person clings ugly and desperate, but in the face of crisis,

this is an understandable move, you have to reach deeper, lower, below the bottom, because only this can guarantee viewership and the sick interest of other media.

Let us remind you:

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In her typical style, Korwin Piotrowska also looked at the case of the program’s participants, who, as she believes, are ready to do anything “for attention and scraps thrown by media rulers.”

I’m curious who the sponsors of this program will be – I will know what to avoid and how it will be explained, how it will be described, how its “creators” will try to justify it, whether as a “psychological experiment”, “sociological experiment” or maybe a “traveling circus” . Wild animals are slowly being abandoned in circuses and replaced by wild animals

desperate, devoid of any talent except showing herself, a pato-celebrity

unlike wild animals, at their own request

doing literally everything for attention and scraps thrown by media rulers and likes from the audience hungry for blood and stupidity

. What is the purpose of such a program? Apart from making money based on your basest instincts?

Are you going to have a thrilling show?

Source: pudelek.pl

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