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Korona Kielce – Jagiellonia Białystok 2:2. There was nothing more you could get out of this match


We feel huge disappointment because we came here for three points – says Jagiellonia Białystok defender Mateusz Skrzypczak from the 2-2 draw in Kielce with Korona. However, from the course of the match, coach Adrian Siemieńc’s team did not deserve to win and they should respect the point they scored.

Kielce is a very difficult area, with only Górnik Zabrze winning this season (1-0 after a goal in added time). Korona plays tenaciously and ambitiously at home, and it showed these qualities in the match against Jagiellonia.

The team from Białystok started the yellow-red derby match promisingly, with a dangerous but slightly off-target shot by Kristoffer Hansen. But then, until the end of the first half, she didn’t make many sensible actions. The most dangerous situation was when Jose Naranjo defeated former Jagiellonian Xawier Dziekoński with a header, but he did it with a minimal offside.

Much more was happening on the opposite side of the field. What is disturbing is that most of the threats did not arise due to Korona’s finesse play, but to Jagiellonia’s disastrous errors in moving the ball. The most dangerous was the mishaps of poor goalkeeper Zlatan Alomerovic. The visiting goalkeeper first unnecessarily ran far from his own goal, but the situation was saved by Skrzypczak. Then Alomerović passed the ball to the opponent positioned on the penalty area line. Yevgeny Shykawka received the football, but he missed badly.

Jaga’s goalkeeper Zlatam Alomerović did not play a good match in Kielce jagiellonia.pl

– We had a lot of work to do in the first half, but it doesn’t reflect well on our defense before the break – he admits in an interview with the club’s media Mateusz Skrzypczak. – You can see great commitment and heart in our game, we cannot deny that, but it is something that we have to start from. This is the base, the foundation of everything. We must cultivate it, he adds.

Unfortunately, there was a misfortune just before the break. Michal Sacek made a bad decision as he decided to slide and hit Martin Remacle. It was unnecessary because the ball was intercepted by Bartłomiej Wdowik. After the VAR analysis, referee Karol Arys from Szczecin awarded a penalty kick, which was converted into a goal by Nono.

The second half looked much better for the Białystok team, who did not have a single shot on target until the break. This changed and the team from the capital of Podlasie quickly equalized. This happened thanks to the skill of the Spaniards. Adrian Dieguez delivered a perfect cross Jesus Imaz he got ahead of Dziekoński and sent the ball into the net.

When the goal was 1-1, both Jesus Imaz from Jaga and Korona's goalkeeper Xavier Dziekoński were injured.
When the goal was 1-1, both Jesus Imaz from Jaga and Korona’s goalkeeper Xavier Dziekoński were injured. jagiellonia.pl

In the 68th minute, Korona unexpectedly took the lead again when Remacle’s center shot found the net. It is hard to resist the impression that in this case Alomerović should have behaved much better.

Coach Siemieniec’s team should be praised for not doubting themselves and trying to make up for the losses again, and the coach himself should be praised for his nose for changes. In the 77th minute, Jakub Lewicki appeared on the pitch and a few minutes later he took advantage of Taras Romanczuk’s excellent pass and surprised Dziekoński.

– I try to make the most of every opportunity I get from the coach and this is the result – he says Jakub Lewicki. – The team is dissatisfied because our priority is always to win, but every point must be respected – he adds.

Jakub Lewicki: I try to make the most of every opportunity I get from the coach
Jakub Lewicki: I try to make the most of every opportunity I get from the coach jagiellonia.pl

Indeed, one point is not three, but from the course of the match the result is fair and neither side should feel wronged.


  • Korona Kielce – Jagiellonia Białystok 2:2 (1:0).
  • Goals: 1:0 – Nono (45 penalties), 1:1 – Jesus Imaz (56), 2:1 – Martin Remacle (68), 2:2 – Jakub Lewicki (81).
  • Crown: Dziekoński – Zator, Malarczyk, Trojak, Godinho, Podgórski (63. Czyżycki), Remacle (79. Deaconu), Hofmeister, Nono (71. Takac), Błanik (62. Konstantyn), Szykawka (71. Dalmau).
  • Jagiellonia: Alomerović – Sacek, Skrzypczak, Dieguez, Wdowik, Marczuk (66. Kupisz), Romanczuk, Nene, Hansen (77. Lewicki), Imaz, Naranjo (77. Rybak).
  • Yellow cards: Nono, Zator – Sacek, Nene, Lewicki.
  • Referee: Karol Arys (Szczecin).
  • Viewers: 10,859.

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