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Kinga Dębska about her divorce from her first husband. “I left the house with Marysia by the hand”


Kinga Dębska in an interview with “Wysokie Obcasy” she talked about her separation from her first husband. The director married a businessman 10 years her senior at the beginning of her studies. In her second year, she gave birth to a daughter. “He’s a nice guy, he gave me a fantastic child, but we weren’t meant for each other. He said I was immature and he was right. At first, I really liked being loved, desired and decorated, but over time it started to bore me. This was not my world at all. When Marysia was four years old, I gave myself two more years,” she admitted in an interview.

The director also admitted that she did not give up on her marriage in an instant. For two years, she and her husband tried to fight for this relationship. However, it didn’t work out. “I decided that if nothing clicked back in that time, I would leave. It didn’t click, although we underwent various therapies along the way, including with Jacek Santorski. Exactly on the day two years passed since my decision, I left my wedding ring on the table and I left the house with Marysia by the hand. To my mother and father. I worked as a journalist, I had something to live on. I lived with my parents for a while, but then I rented an apartment,” recalled Kinga Dębska. “When I left the house with Marysia by the hand, I felt excited that my life was starting again. I don’t know what will happen, but I know that I definitely did the right thing,” she added.

Currently, Kinga Dębska is associated with producer Zbigniew Domagalski.

Dębska’s feature debut was the film “Hel” from 2009, which was included in the main competition of the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. Her next full-length production “My Cow Daughters” from 2015 brought her success and many awards. She was awarded, among others: Eagle for the best script and awards from the audience and journalists at the most important Polish festivals.

In the same year, the documentary “Actress” dedicated to actress Elżbieta Czyżewska was released in cinemas. It was another artistic success of the director, for which she was again awarded the Eagle. From then on, Dębska’s career gained momentum. In 2018, two feature films directed by her appeared. Both “Plan B” and “Playtime” were well received by critics and viewers and brought further nominations for the Eagles.

The director also has extensive television experience. She directed over a hundred episodes of various series. She shot and wrote the script, among others: six-episode series “Szóstka”. The film “Fire Festival” is waiting for its premiere.


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