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Killed 7 crocodiles in the Kabombo River in Zambia within two months


Four adults and three youths have been killed in crocodile attacks on the banks of the Kabombo River in Zambia in the space of two months, a senior official in Lusaka said April 13 (IANS).

Manyinga district commissioner Brenda Mukwakwa told Xinhua that the victims were attacked while they were fishing or fetching water.

Manyinga is a rural area with the Kabompo River, one of the deepest rivers in Africa running through the region in northwest Zambia.

She said her office would engage the Zambia Wildlife Authority to eradicate the reptiles.

Many people have died after being attacked by crocodiles; We will engage the Wildlife Service to help with the reptile crop because many lives have been lost,” she said.

Mukwakwa also said that community education in Manyinga to avoid going fishing or fetching water from the river continues, especially this time when the river overflowed its banks, leading to crocodile attacks.

One Manyinga resident said the authority must move quickly to control the reptiles before many lives are lost.

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