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Kevin Costner wants to make estranged wife’s life like ‘hell’


LOS ANGELES, July 13 (IANS) Actor Kevin Costner is said to be seeking “revenge” on his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner.

The ‘The Bodyguard’ actor has been fighting his 49-year-old ex’s claim to a fortune in childcare, and after being ordered this week to pay more than double the amount he proposed, a close friend of the handbag designer claims he wants to make her life “hell.”

“This is not about the house,” the source told the Daily Mail.

“It’s about making Kristen’s life a living hell for already going through a divorce.”

Kristen has been ordered to vacate the $145 million mansion complex in Santa Barbara, California, by the end of the month after a judge cemented a prenuptial agreement they both signed in 2004.

“Kristen said she wouldn’t be surprised if Kevin was escorted out of the house by the police,” the source added.

Kevin and Christine married at his home in Aspen, Colorado, in 2004, and signed a pre-contract stating that she would leave the marital property within 30 days in the event of separation.

Although Kevin said he would give his estranged wife $30,000 a month to rent a new property, plus $10,000 for moving costs, Kristen’s boyfriend told the Mail that the amount wasn’t enough.

The informant continued, “Kevin knows finding a suitable place to rent in the Badaro Lane community is going to cost much more than he originally offered Christine.”

“He would have made it easy. He could have made an amount that would have made it viable to live in the community, but he chose to punish her.”

The former couple, who both sought joint custody of their three children, Kayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13, were also arguing over child support payments.

Court documents unsealed Tuesday (11.07.23) show that the “Yellowstone” representative told Judge Kevin he must pay Kristen $129,755 per month to support their three children.

Papers obtained by Fox News also showed that Kevin must pay $200,000 in attorneys’ fees and $100,000 in forensic accounting costs. Kristen, 68, who filed for divorce in May after 18 years of marriage due to “irreconcilable differences,” will be required to pay 50 percent of their children’s health care, athletic and extracurricular activities expenses, according to court papers.

Christine initially requested $248,000 a month in child support — apart from an undisclosed amount of spousal support previously agreed upon in the former couple’s prenuptial agreement. Kevin claimed that a “reasonable” amount of child support for Kristen would be $51,940 a month – which he’s currently paying.

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