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Katarzyna Zielińska remembers her wedding again. She showed how much fun she had


Katarzyna Zielińska and Wojciech Domański they are one of the most popular couples in domestic show business. The actress and the financier said “I do” on August 3, 2013. Despite the passing of years, the feeling between them has not faded away, on the contrary… A few weeks ago, Katarzyna Zielińska boasted in the media about the joyful news of renewing her marriage vows.and now she surprised her followers with an unusual post.

Katarzyna Zielińska showed off her wedding video

A video has just been posted on Instagram, in which the actress showed a lot of frames from the said renewal of marriage vows and a grand party. The 44-year-old used a few heart-warming words to explain the circumstances of sharing this extremely intimate material.

Today I thought I had to post this. So many sad goodbyes lately. So let’s hurry to love people. For Wojtuś and me, this September day was the most beautiful gift in the world – she began.

The rest of the article is below the video

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Emotional Katarzyna Zielińska about getting married again

Catherine Zielińska admitted that she managed to gather all the people important to her on this important day. Of course, the ceremony was attended by their beloved sons: 8-year-old Henryk and two years younger Aleksander. Relatives, friends, a nanny, a housekeeper and a priest who had been accompanying the actress for many years also appeared. We can also see several stars in the recording, including: Małgorzata Socha or Kacper Kuszewski.

Because in these times when we only see each other on Facebook, Instagram, hear on the phone or date for a year, constantly postponing meetings, because something, such moments are worth their weight in gold. Maybe I’m out of date, but real-life meetings are something you can’t buy and can’t replace. So grateful for this time – she concluded.

See for yourself! You can see that it was great fun?

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Hello, hello. Weddings, the Rybik Miami family, a Miss, and where is Rolnik looking for a wife? We are waiting!

Why are you deleting comments? I’m just asking where the article about the Farmer is looking for a wife. Is there really a need for censorship on such a question?

“In these times when we only see each other on Instagram” but of course you have to post it on Instagram to show off. Terrible hypocrisy.

She was successful about 17 years ago and that was it. Now I don’t even know what she’s playing. Thanks to the poodle, she will increase her reach and earn money on Instagram, because acting is probably not for her. And this evening she will gain 5,000 followers. And so he articulates after each one. Zielińska, you should buy Pudelka flowers because thanks to them you exist. who would watch your vows, old woman.

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The nanny and the housekeeper have appeared…. Take it now…

Everything for sale so they don’t forget about her, terrible behavior

Hopefully it won’t be three times lucky😁

and the man who shows me off with tattoos is not my husband 😀 my husband is too skinny for such actions 😀

It’s terrible stupidity, just to save your career on Instagram.

Kasia is a bitch…

3 hours ago

You don’t go to the theater, so you feel like her career is over. I didn’t like her much after her appearances on TV, but she performs so well in the theater that I now look out for plays in which she acts. Fantastic actress. Her roles are so funny that your jaw hurts from laughing so hard. I recommend going to see at least one play, you will immediately change your mind.

What for ? who cares/

Who’s that? Poodle, why are you posting photos of no names?

As always, mostly negative comments. The woman is happy, she still has the same husband, they renewed their vows, it was beautiful, with close people… What can be bad here? Well, it turns out that you can do a whole lot of disgusting things. It’s so Polish. Maybe because after 10 years of marriage, most couples think about divorce. I positively envy Mrs. Kasia, it’s great that she’s happy, I wish there were more couples like her ❤

You’re thinking, woman. You don’t have to post it and no one cares

and when will the third one be and what will be the difference?

And in the future, during a divorce: I won’t say anything, respect our privacy lol

They must be very bored with each other


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