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Jan Holoubek about life with Magdalena Różczka. His beloved doesn’t want to work with him


Jan Holoubek and Magdalena Różczka they have been a couple for over 10 years. In 2014, they welcomed a daughter, Helena, and six years later their second child was born. Together They also raise the actress’s daughter from her first marriage. The couple rarely attends industry events together and does not reveal many details about their private life. Son Gustaw Holoubek and Magdalena Zawadzka in the latest interview for the Polish Press Agency, he did not hide the fact that recently he works a lot. Director of “Big Water” Fortunately, he can count on understanding from his beloved. As he says:

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Jan Holoubek and Magdalena Różczka are often absent from home. “I think our children are pampered”

The popular director emphasized in the same conversation that although they are both very busy, they do not forget to take care of their children.

“I’m currently on a nine-month break from March until the next production. I’m trying to catch up and function at normal speedeven a bit boring compared to the adrenaline that the plan gives. For five years I was constantly at work, I made seven productions during that time. It’s a lot,” he noted.

Magdalena Różczka and Jan Holoubek

Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Magdalena Różczka and Jan Holoubek

Magdalena Różczka does not want to play in her beloved’s productions: she refused

The actress has so far only appeared in two productions created by Jan Holoubek. When asked why Magdalena Różczka appears so rarely in his films, the director admitted with disarming honesty:

“She said that she would be happy to play in the second season, although there was no certainty that there would be one. I’m glad that she did she finally played Anna Jass in the series “Rojst ’97”, because I think that this role showed her versatility and allowed her to come out of the box“in which the casting directors closed her,” the creator emphasized, adding that he was happy that he could count on the substantive support of his beloved:

Jan Holoubek announced on the occasion that he also plans to finally cast his mother in one of the roles. Magdalena Zawadzka has not had the opportunity to appear in her son’s film so far.

Magdalena Zawadzka and Jan Holoubek

MW Media

Magdalena Zawadzka and Jan Holoubek

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