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It’s snowing in southern Poland! [NAGRANIA]


Snow is falling in southern Poland. The winter capital of Poland is already completely white, as evidenced by recordings that have appeared on the Internet.

Other shots from Zakopane:

Snow is also falling in Lower Silesia. Here is a recording from Walim.

Avalanche danger in the Tatra Mountains

Several centimeters of snow have accumulated in the Tatra Mountains over the last two days, and the Tatra Volunteer Emergency Service has announced the first level of avalanche danger. This is the first avalanche report this season.

“The course of many trails above the upper forest line is invisible due to blown, untrodden snow – in places the wind has created deep drifts, where the snow reaches above the knees. Navigating in such conditions requires experience, the ability to assess the local avalanche risk and adapting the route to the current conditions, as well as having winter equipment (crampons, ice ax, helmet, avalanche ABC) and the ability to use it,” warns the Tatra National Park.


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