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It costs a fortune! The most beautiful soccer player sells a calendar


Alisha Lehmann is a famous player of the Swiss national team, who is considered by many to be the most beautiful soccer player in the world. Interestingly, its popularity even made it interested in publishing its own calendars.

Some sports fans will be delighted because Alisha Lehmann once again she decided to make a very good move business! The latest news is that a regular and limited edition of the “world’s most beautiful soccer player” calendar is going on sale.

This is a good moment to emphasize that her calendar was also released in 2023, which was a great decision. Since this type of product is popular, it is hardly surprising that Alisha Lehmann is preparing a variant for 2024. An entry with a cover has already appeared on the Internet Lehmann poses in a black bodysuit, and many fans left positive reactions.

A calendar with Alisha Lehmann? It costs!

Girl she grew up in a small village, where she often played football. Thanks to these humble beginnings in lifenow he can enjoy fame and the chance to sell calendars that he currently has in a limited version they cost over PLN 800 each. Will anyone buy it? Based on the fans’ reaction, it can be concluded that there will probably be no shortage of people interested. Almost everyone is delighted with the decision to publish another calendar with their favorite footballer.

Fortunately, there is also a standard edition that does not exceed PLN 300. However, in the comments on Instagram not everyone focused on the price itself, because some began to wonder about the soccer player’s seemingly contradictory motivations. It all comes down to the fact that Alisha Lehmann once claimed that she did not want to be treated as an object, judged through the prism of beauty, etc. Despite this, she has no qualms about issuing sexy calendars with her photos.

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