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Is it already Christmas where you are? Marina and Wojciech Szczêsny have just decorated the Christmas tree. “Maybe too early…”


Marina he definitely loves it Christmas. There is no doubt about it when you look at the singer’s Instagram profile. There is no shortage of photos in a Christmas atmosphere, posing with the whole family Christmas tree, surrounded by decorations. A year ago Marina she went a step further and with Wojciech Szczêsny and their son Liam took part in a special Christmas session. It’s no wonder that the singer does everything to maintain the Christmas atmosphere as long as possible.

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Marina showed the Christmas tree. The singer is ready for Christmas

This year, the star started her preparations for Christmas exceptionally early, because on November 19, she treated her fans to a photo of a decorated tree. The Christmas tree in the famous couple’s house is definitely impressive – it reaches up to the ceiling. However, there are relatively few decorations on it. Marina and Wojciech Szczęsny decided on gold, classic baubles and decorative pine cones. However, they did not spare small, white lamps. Sharing a photo, Marina explained why their Christmas tree was up so early this year. It turns out that the spouses took advantage of the fact that they came to Poland on the occasion of the matches – against the Czech Republic, which took place on November 17, and against Latvia, which will take place on November 21. What’s more, they have another tree to wear.

Today we decorated the Christmas tree. Maybe it’s too early, but after Tuesday’s match we’ll go back to Italy and decorate another Christmas tree there – she wrote on InstaStories.

Marina Łuczenko-SzczęsnaMarina Łuczenko-Szczęsna Photo Kapif.pl

The couple lives in Turin due to Wojciech Szczęsny’s work. He has been a footballer since 2017 player Juventus. The couple also spends a lot of time in Poland, where they also have a large estate. The Szczęsnys’ Polish home is located near Warsaw, and the couple has a huge garden located in the middle of the forest. These are not all the houses of the singer and the footballer, who also own a villa in Marbella, Spain. Will there be a third Christmas tree there? Marina didn’t mention this, but I doubt it. The Spanish estate serves the couple primarily as a place to spend their holidays. How do you like the Christmas atmosphere of Szczęsny?

Marina and Wojciech Szczęsny have already decorated the Christmas treeMarina and Wojciech Szczęsny have already decorated the Christmas tree Marina and Wojciech Szczęsny have already decorated the Christmas tree, instagram.com/@marina_official


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