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IPL 2023: Quite frankly, the performances in Delhi weren’t great, says Shane Watson


In the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023, Delhi have won just two of their six home matches so far. Their scores at the Arun Gately Stadium have read mixed – 162/8, 172 out, 128/6, 188/6, 187/3 and 136/8. The Warner-led side, who are currently bottom of the table with 10 points from 13 matches, will face Chennai Super Kings in their final game of the season at home on Saturday afternoon.

“Look, the pitches here in Delhi haven’t been great, to be quite honest. It might be great if you had a different kind of setup for your team. If you had a lot of top-class Indian batsmen, these wickets would suit the team. But that’s not our formation. So, as we saw last night, where we saw ourselves playing on a good traditional playing wicket and the ball goes well as if it goes well and the ball doesn’t really spin much.”

“Then we saw what exactly could happen from our batting line with out batsmen and Prithvi Shaw, which is our strength. But unfortunately, when we came to Delhi, because of the amount of cricket being played on this little block, it was very dry, and not quite Lots of grass and revealing our batting method in particular.”

“Hopefully, next season, we’ll have a very similar squad again and the conditions will be more conducive to forming our squad. Hopefully there will be more real hitting surfaces which will show the real world class hitting we have on traditional surfaces,” Watson said in the pre-match press conference. the beautiful”.

At the same time, Watson added that pitches in Delhi that are not tied cannot be seen as justification for the batting line-up not taking advantage of the ground.

“It’s not an excuse for not doing well; it just made it more difficult for us and our batters to be the best they can be. Hopefully, from season to season, there will be better surfaces and a big change there as with our team composition, it doesn’t make it easy for us.” truly “.

Hitting free from the bat regular Rishabh Pant, Shaw was expected to lead Delhi’s career with the bat in IPL 2023, especially after scoring some sterling performances in the 2022/23 domestic season.

But those shimmering strikes didn’t translate in the early stages as Shaw scored just 47 points in six games, before he was dropped from the starting lineup. On 17 May, Shaw made his return for the match against the Punjab Kings in Dharamsala, Shaw scored a quick 54 on the field as Delhi scored their first 200+ runs of the season.

Watson was quick to admit that Shaw was not at his offensive best at the start of the first part of IPL 2023 and was one of the most annoying things for Delhi.

“Prithvi Shaw has been one of the most disappointing parts of the IPL season for Delhi. I have always been a huge fan and love watching Prithvi bat. Like the way he played last night in Dharamshala, he is just one of the nicest batsmen to watch and undercuts his best bowling too with the skill he has with it.”

“Knowing that, we gave him a long period at the start of the tournament to really find his feet and in the last couple of years, he’s been a bit inconsistent. But what I’ve seen of Prithvi missing two games, he seemed really centered and really focused on exactly the direction he wants to go.”

“Because he is so skilled as a young man with bat in hand, he needs to combine every part of his game. There is no doubt about the skills he has and he must dominate international cricket with them. But sometimes, people take a little longer to get their work done and move around As consistent as possible with preparation, mentality and everything that goes with playing at the highest level.

Citing his strike in Dharamsala, Watson signs on hoping Shaw can learn from the initial setback of IPL 2023 and pick up his steady run from the past as well as keep his rank in the future.

“For what Prithvi did, he definitely had the extra fire in his stomach that we saw last night and hopefully it was a setback that he learned from and managed to rearrange and reorient certain things even within himself.”

“Also, direct his thoughts to whatever he does in life to produce what he did there on earth and do it continually as he did a few years ago, by the way he was struck last night.”

– Jans


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