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IPL 2023: Credit goes to Dhoni, Fleming for giving Shivam Dube support and clarity, for example


Dubey made a profound impact in the role of middle batsman in Chennai, hitting 480 runs in 13 innings at an average of 40.33 and a strike rate of 157.14. But the left-hander’s ability to hit sixes was shining, as he hit 30 sixes, the most for the Indians in the running season.

“He’s been fantastic this season. A lot of the credit must go to Captain MS and Stephen Fleming really, giving him a lot of support and clarity in his role. It can be a choppy role. The order goes up and down a little bit depending on the state of the game.”

“But they made it clear to him how they wanted him to play and all the credit goes to Shivam; he was away and worked it out and played his part to perfection.”

“Overall, no matter what the situation in the game was, he came in, knew his role very clearly and played it really well. So, he’s been great to watch and he’s got incredible strength, and that’s the kind of thing we want to use,” Hussey said in the pre-match press conference. We look for the good things and strengths in him and try to show his strengths and he’s done that really well this season.”

With a win in New Delhi needed to confirm Chennai’s qualification for the qualifiers, Hussey added that not qualifying for the qualifiers after finishing ninth last year was not discussed at all, focusing on putting their best foot forward on the field.

“Well, we haven’t talked about last year at all, it never crosses our mind. We’re just focused on this season and we’ve done well so far to be second in the standings. But it’s a tough competition and we have to try and just focus on the game tomorrow. That’s all we can control.” right in it.”

“Try to do well in the game tomorrow and you certainly can’t control what we can do in the other games. Of course, we would love for other results to come our way and move on to qualifying for the top four. But since it’s such a tight tournament, we need to try and focus on Our plans and implementation of our skills and results are on our way.”

With the pitches at the Arun Jaitley Stadium being mostly slow in nature, Chennai could fit into the game plan and their spin troika of Ravindra Jadeja, Moin Ali and Mahesh Thicksana. But Hussey refused to belittle already-excluded Delhi, pointing out that Chennai will still look at the pitch and come up with a plan to adapt to the conditions of the afternoon in New Delhi.

“We’ve seen matches here on TV and it seems that in some matches the pitch was more difficult to hit and certainly took some spin. But that doesn’t mean the pitch is going to behave the same way.

“We can’t go into the game with preconceived notions, we’ll take a good look on the pitch today, try to assess as best we can and then adapt to the conditions in the middle. Then it comes down to which team can adapt well to the conditions better on the day and take the top spot.”

He concluded, “Delhi have some real winners, and their exit from the tournament can make them dangerous, as they can have less fear and just see what they can do.”

– Jans


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