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iOS 17 – Battery is weaker after iPhone update


Apple device users download and install new versions of systems on their favorite everyday devices. However, some iPhone owners may notice shorter battery life in their smartphones.

iOS 17 is officially available for download

After long months of waiting, as well as tests conducted by people willing to download not fully functional beta versions of the system, iOS 17 has been widely distributed. Anyone interested can download the update and see what new things the developers have prepared under the watchful eye of Tim Cook.

(photo: Apple)

Of course, not all smartphone models are compatible with the new system. The new package can be downloaded by owners of iPhone SE 2nd generation, as well as iPhone Xr, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and all newer models. It was known from the beginning that iPhone X would no longer be eligible for the update.

Noticeable drop in battery performance after update

Those who have already downloaded iOS 17 on their phone, they may have noticed a disturbing symptom. Well, it seems that after the update, iPhones have shorter battery life than before. Is it just an impression or is there really something to it?

He runs a YouTube channel called iAppleBytes decided to checkhow long older Apple smartphones will work on a single charge with the new iOS 17 as the operating system, compared to the operating times they could achieve on iOS 16.

The test involved 5 different models: iPhone SE 2, iPhone Xr, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. A battery test was run on each of them in the Geekbench benchmark – before and after updating to the new system. The conclusions are clear: in each case, the operating time on one charge decreased significantly. For example, the iPhone Xr showed the worst battery performance since the introduction of iOS 14.

To emphasize how big the differences are between how iOS 17 “treats” the battery compared to the previous version of the system, iAppleBytes decided to additionally visualize the problem on a chart.

Geekbench battery test results for iOS 17
(photo: iAppleBytes)

In the column devoted to the new Apple system, a drop in battery performance is clearly visible – in all iPhone models taking part in the tests. In most cases, historically low point values ​​were recorded in the Geekbench battery test.

Given the above, maybe it’s not worth rushing to update your iPhone? Using it until Apple releases some sort of software patch, at least for some, could otherwise be quite problematic.

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