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iOS 17.2 will allow you to download applications from outside the store


iOS 17.2 may bring a breakthrough and long-awaited change to Apple smartphone users. This is about the ability to download mobile applications from outside the App Store.

It has been said for a long time that Apple will provide users with the option in iOS 17 sideloadingThat is downloading applications from outside your store. This is a groundbreaking decision because it has never been possible before – despite many words of criticism directed at the brand.

What prompted Apple to change? Of course, the European Union, as was the case USB Type C introduction to iPhones. Antitrust laws under the Digital Markets Act require the company to allow users to download apps from outside the App Store to increase competition.

With this option, developers will be able to create their own iOS app store. The code is region-locked, which would allow Apple to restrict sideloading to specific countries.

This makes sense because Apple does not intend to allow sideloading everywhere, but only in the European Union, because this is where it is forced to do so.

Previous reports have already revealed that Apple is working hard to enable sideloading in Europe in iOS 17. API of the latest version iOS 17.2 beta suggests that we will finally get this option.

When will iOS 17.2 with sideloading be released?

Apple must comply with the Digital Markets Authority (DMA) until March 2024, so he has four more months to do so. However, there are many indications that the giant from Cupertino will not wait until the last minute.

Elon Musk also has problems with the European Union. The European Commission wants to stop the spread of disinformation on X (Twitter). Musk is threatening to leave Europe: :




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