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(IANS Review) ‘Bharateeyans’ Must Watch Heart-stopping Action With Patriotism (IANS Rating: ****)


NEW DELHI, July 12 (IANS) Producer Shankar Naidu’s film ‘Bharateeyans’, which was released on July 14, is a film that instantly evokes patriotic feelings.

Based on the Galwan Valley attack, the movie got into a lot of trouble with the censorship board. The censors insisted that the sequence of Shiv Tandav and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation be removed.

America’s famous cancer surgeon, Dr. Shankar Naidu, is the producer of this all-India film. He made this movie on the theme of patriotism with great enthusiasm.

Its concept and story are different. Characters in the film, for example, are also named after their region, such as Bengali, Bhojpuri, Tripuri, Telugu, Punjabi and Marathi.

A touching and powerful film, it has benefited from Deena Raj’s directing skills, and the talent of the lead cast and supporting actors too.

This film effectively depicts China’s nefarious strategy. The story revolves around three boys and three girls who are selected for training and sent to the outskirts of…. At the same time, two Indian girls are sent as top secret agents and these two girls are captured by the people of China.

The film’s narratives build up at an exciting pace after the young women are captured. The climax will leave the audience shaken.

Actress Samaira Sandhu, who is from Punjab, played a Punjabi girl in this movie. You’ve behaved very well. Equally commendable are the performances of Newroz Bucha and Subha Ranjan Mukherjee, who do justice to their characters. The story and the way the movie is presented are very effective. The film moves between the past and the present.

Produced under the banner of Bharat American Creations and distributed by UFO Movies, Bharteeyans is written and directed by Dina Raj. The movie hits theaters on July 14 in Hindi and Telugu.

Movie: Bharateeyans Duration: 122 minutes

Producer: Dr. Shankar Naidu. Writer and Director: Dina Raj

Cast: Neeruz Bucha, Sonam Thandup Parvongpa, Sobha Ranjan, Samira Sandhu, Rajeswari Chakraborty and Mahender Vargas

IANS Rating: ****

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