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(IANS Review) ‘Auhaam’: A Touching and Powerful Thriller (IANS Rating: ****)


Producer: Richa Gupta, Director: Ankit Hans
Cast: Hriday Singh, Divya Malik and Varun Suri
Writers: Mahesh Kumar and Hredy Singh, Screenplay and Dialogue, Lyrics: Varun Suri
Music Composer: Vijay Verma
evaluation: ****

When the suspense and thriller elements of any movie are presented and displayed in such a thrilling way and when the movie is able to hold the audience’s attention till the very end, the producers could not ask for a greater achievement.

Directed by Ankit Hans, Illusions possesses precisely these qualities. Released in cinemas nationwide on Friday, May 26, Illusions is an amazing piece of cinematic art that will easily blow your mind!

With its unique story, superb direction, stunning screenplay, powerful dialogues, meaningful lyrics and a soundtrack worth listening to, Illusions excels in every department and together creates an impact that makes your movie watching experience an unforgettable one.

Shiva and Riya are a couple. Their lives are shattered when one day, Riya suddenly disappears, leaving Shiva deeply troubled and then his anguish begins to multiply. No one can provide any help about Riya’s whereabouts, so Shiva approaches the police to locate his beloved wife.

But while investigating the case, the police discover that it is not just another missing case. It has many mysterious corners that need to be investigated. As the investigation progresses, the police find a number of missing links to the case which makes the case confusing. Now, in fact, solving the case has become a very daunting task for the police.

But “Illusions” isn’t about how Ria suddenly disappeared one day. It is about a journey and discovery to unravel the mystery of Rhea that makes the movie so watchable.

Director Ankit Hans has shot the movie in such a way that the audience remains guessing about the plot twists throughout the movie. With his impressive directorial abilities, Hans makes sure that audiences don’t get bored at any given time and are glued to their seats until the last frame of the movie is shown. The result is a truly memorable and magical watch.

The effortless performances in the film are top notch and rave-worthy. Hriday Singh (Shiva), Divya Malik (Riya) and Varun Suri (Inspector Yashwant) excel in their respective parts.

Casting is perfect. Child actor Ganesha Suri, Pushpinder Singh, Ram Narayan Chawla, Amit Balaji and other artists also did justice to their roles.

‘Auhaam’ is the kind of movie that will definitely give you goosebumps watching it. It’s a cinematic treat that needs to be cherished and enjoyed on the big screen.

The magic of Illusions stays in your mind long after you leave the theaters. This is how powerful and impactful the movie is. Don’t miss the movie at any cost. The movie will shock and surprise you in equal measure.

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