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HUAWEI WATCH GT4 is my new favorite watch. Plus it costs pennies


HUAWEI WATCH GT4 is stylish and functional in as many as seven versions. The watch debuts in three beautiful smaller (women’s) and four larger (men’s) versions! Of course, you can choose your own strap with a standard telescope and dial for each of them, depending on the style you want to show off to the world that day. The possibilities are endless.

HUAWEI WATCH GT4 combines class and usability

The HUAWEI WATCH GT4 series watches have been designed with care worthy of a high-end fashion accessory. Smaller, women’s models have a jewelry look. They have round cases (41 mm in diameter) made of stainless steel, to which a strap or bracelet is attached. The collection includes HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (41 mm) Elite with a steel bracelet with gold details and a gold rim around the dial, a gold HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (41 mm) Elegant with a gold Milanese bracelet and a gold HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (41 mm) Classic with a white leather strap .

Smartwatches with a 41 mm diameter case are less than a centimeter thick and look phenomenal even on a slim wrist. At the same time, watches in this size do not interfere at all with sports and everyday activities, which I can vouch for. Finally someone thought about the needs of fashionable and modern women!

I immediately appreciated the choice offered by the new collection of HUAWEI watches. A leather strap doesn’t fit my lifestyle because I need a water-resistant accessory. So I chose the version with a steel bracelet, whose gold details appealed to me. However, I did not do it without hesitation, because a gold watch with a Milanese bracelet would also be an interesting element of my wardrobe.

The larger, men’s models have a unique octagonal case. Various bezels are placed around the screens. Of course, there is a sporty model with a pleasant-to-touch plastic strap. At the other end of the spectrum, there is a model with a steel bracelet that perfectly matches the case. Its shape gives the impression that the bracelet and the case are one element.

If you prefer classic straps, you may be interested in the variant with a brown leather strap. There is also an extremely interesting novelty – a green version with a braided nylon strap. The project combines elegance and survival flair. It was this model that the male part of the TELEPOLIS.PL editorial office liked the most.

No matter which style suits you best, you can count on continuous health monitoring and practical features that will make your life easier. And you don’t have to worry about the watch running out of energy after an intense day… or even a week. I am not surprised that HUAWEI WATCH GT smartwatches are at the top of popularity rankings in Poland. In September, Huawei boasted that it had sold over 2 million wearable devices in Poland.

Health is always in fashion

I dare to say that the HUAWEI WATCH GT4 line presents a timeless design, but the smartwatch gives me, above all, the opportunity to take care of my health. The devices provide unique insight into the body’s activity and condition. I wear HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (41 mm) Elite all the time, I can exercise, work and sleep with it. I take it off occasionally, for example before taking a bath, to avoid soap or cream from accumulating in the bracelet. Of course, I go to the swimming pool with a watch and I don’t worry about it at all.

Why is HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (41 mm) Elite the perfect choice for me? First of all, I appreciate the numerous modes for monitoring sports, including less popular disciplines. There are over a hundred of them in total. Of course, there are popular disciplines such as running, swimming and walking. I most often use monitoring cycling, yoga, wall climbing… and dancing at concerts. I really appreciate that I can have easy access to my favorite disciplines on the exercise dial. I noticed right away that heart rate monitoring worked fantastically. No watch has ever provided such precise readings during strength and HIIT training.

Recently I decided to do something I had been avoiding for the last 30 years – run. The intelligent training assistant built into the HUAWEI WATCH GT4 series convinced me to do so. I created a low-intensity exercise plan to see if I could get into a rhythm. Well, it worked. It’s still not my favorite sport, but I can’t say that the watch disappointed me.

Sleep monitoring is a feature that is particularly important to me. I need help maintaining regularity, which is disturbed by work-related trips and long hours spent with my nose glued to the screen. That’s why I like it when the watch rushes me to bed. On the other hand, I hate alarm clocks with melody, so I have been using the vibration alarms offered by smartwatches for a long time. After having COVID-19 twice, I also pay more attention to my breathing and blood oxygenation, which is also tested by the HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (41 mm) Elite and its siblings.

I also got used to monitoring my menstrual cycle and notifications forcing me to exercise and reminding me to take my medications. These tools truly change lives for the better.

Calories under control like never before

I recently learned that many people believe that they eat healthily and burn calories, but this is not the case. All the more I think that the new “In Shape” function will help many people live healthier and control their weight. This is an innovative calorie intake diary, presenting data directly on the watch face.

In the application, I can choose whether I want to gain or lose weight and at what pace. On this basis, the ideal caloric deficit will be selected especially for me. At any moment, one glance is enough for me to know whether I need to exercise or whether I should eat something else. HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (41 mm) Elite has an excellent widget with an indicator of how many calories I have already taken in and how many I have burned. Just one look at the clue is enough. The closer to the green zone, the better, but I shouldn’t go too far.

I add products that I eat often to the database in the application along with photos, which will make it much easier for me to complete the meal list in the future. I hope that this part of the Huawei Health application will be expanded over time. I would like to see a ready-made database of products available in Poland.

In a suit and in the field

HUAWEI WATCH GT4 watches match both formal dresses and suits. They will work equally well in the field, even far from civilization, because I don’t have to worry about charging (41 mm works 7-8 days, 46 mm 14 days). All models are solid, I can swim and dive in them without fear that the fashionable accessory will suffer. I like to wander “azimuth”, and the compass on my wrist makes it easier for me to orient myself in the field.

Lovers of large watches and outdoor sports will certainly be delighted with the GPS provided by HUAWEI WATCH GT4 46 mm. The position is recorded precisely, no matter what angle the envelope is to the sky. In my opinion, this is a brilliant solution, for example, for cyclists who use handlebars with “horns” on their bikes, but even while walking in the park you will see the difference. The routes will be recorded extremely precisely.

Huawei has also introduced a new feature that makes me extremely happy – the integration of Huawei Health with the Strava and Komoot applications. I have been using Strava for years to record my bike trips, wall sessions and longer walks. Since I have HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (41 mm) Elite it is much easier.

Stylish design and useful functions

HUAWEI WATCH GT4 is amazing in terms of design and build quality. The slogan “Fashion Forward” is absolutely appropriate here. It doesn’t matter whether you have a smartphone with HarmonyOS, Android or iPhone – it will work perfectly with all of them. So it will be a great purchase regardless of your individual style and regardless of the brand of your smartphone. To emphasize your character even more, you can choose one of the thousands of dials available in the AppGallery.

HUAWEI WATCH GT4 watches, combined with a smartphone, have a lot of possibilities that make my life much easier. At the forefront, of course, is the “find phone” function – I can remotely trigger a loud alarm, which makes it easier for me to find my lost gadget. I always have the weather forecast, calendar, timer, flashlight, alarm clock and similar little things at hand. In addition, I love replying to messages from the watch because it means I don’t have to reach for my smartphone and interrupt face-to-face conversations.

I can also answer phone calls on the watch because it has a good microphone and speaker. I always have a few favorite albums in the memory of the watch, because HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (41 mm) Elite combined with TWS headphones is a very handy music player. If you run, you won’t ignore this feature. The smartphone can stay at home.

I left the best part for last – taking photos remotely. There is probably nothing more satisfying than being able to take a photo with your friends in such a way that everyone is in the frame. This isn’t always possible with selfies. I don’t need to remind you that smartphone main cameras usually take much better photos than screen-side cameras.

HUAWEI WATCH GT4 ranged from PLN 1,000 to PLN 2,000

HUAWEI WATCH GT4 watches are available in Poland from September 14, 2023 and all are placed in the most popular price range – between one thousand and two thousand zlotys. You can buy them, among others, at huawei.pl. In my opinion, prices are another advantage. HUAWEI again focuses on excellent value for money and gives us a huge choice:

  • HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (41 mm) Elite: PLN 1,699
  • HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (41 mm) Elegant: PLN 1,399
  • HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (41 mm) Classic: PLN 1,199
  • HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (46 mm) Elite: PLN 1,499
  • HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (46 mm) Green: PLN 1,199
  • HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (46 mm) Classic: PLN 1,099
  • HUAWEI WATCH GT4 (46 mm) Active: PLN 1,099

HUAWEI, of course, took care of the promotion at the beginning of sales. From September 14 to October 15, 2023, on huawei.pl and with Business Partners HUAWEI FreeBuds SE 2 headphones worth PLN 199 as a gift (or for PLN 1).

In the huawei.pl company store you can also take advantage of the opportunity to buy attractive items strips for PLN 69 and buying a watch for 20 installments RSSO 0%. In case of purchasing an Elite version watch (in both sizes), Customers will also receive an additional year of warranty as a gift.

The article was commissioned by HUAWEI Polska and contains the author’s own opinions.


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