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How much for fuel from Monday? The latest price forecast at gas stations


The e-petrol.pl analysts’ forecast for the coming days assumes the following price ranges for individual fuel types:

  • PLN 6.39-6.51/l for 95-octane gasoline,
  • PLN 6.65-6.76/l for diesel,
  • PLN 3.04-3.10/l for LPG autogas.

In the last comment, analysts point out that The wholesale fuel market saw systematic price declines last week. Unleaded 95 gasoline has become cheaper in refineries by PLN 152 since last Friday and is currently valued at an average of PLN 4,931.00/cubic meter. In the case of diesel, the reduction in this period amounted to PLN 103 and a cubic meter of this fuel costs PLN 5,203.80.

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It has also increased since mid-October “crossover” between petrol and diesel prices in Polish refineries. – That’s how it should be. Petrol and diesel prices should not be at the same level. The “marketization” of prices has also made the differences between individual types of fuel more realistic – said Dawid Czopek, fuel market expert, manager of Polaris FIZ, to money.pl.

Fuels should be cheaper

According to e-petrol.pl analysts, changes in the oil market and the strengthening of the Polish zloty indicate that the depreciation on the wholesale market should continue at the beginning of next week.

It was recalled that since mid-October an upward trend could be observed at gas stations. In recent days, the increases have begun to slow down and the average retail price of unleaded 95 petrol has not changed and is, as a week ago, PLN 6.54/l. Diesel prices went up – the change was three groszy and a liter of diesel oil at stations costs on average PLN 6.72.

It was added that since mid-October, the average retail price of autogas has remained unchanged at PLN 3.09/l. However, media reports on the new EU sanctions package, which may include a ban on the import of liquefied petroleum gas from Russia, may be a reason for concern for drivers who refuel LPG – analysts said.

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