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“Hotel Paradise”. Roch reveals whether he faked feelings for Justyna- pudelek.pl




Roch from “Hotel Paradise” gave an interview in which, among others: he looked into his acquaintance with Justyna. He referred to the bitter words of the woman he met in front of the cameras.

The final of the seventh edition took place on Thursday

“Hotel Paradise”.

They won the TVN 7 show




Neither of them threw the ball, which means that

100 thousand zlotys

they split in half. As the winner revealed in one of her interviews, together with Jacek

they “build” the relationship that started in front of the cameras.


“Hotel Paradise”. We know if Kori and Jacek are TOGETHER after the program!

The rest of the article is below the video

The winner of “Hotel Paradise 5” about the new season of the show: “I would give up Justyna”


Roch says what he would do with the money if he won “Hotel Paradise”

Second place in the latest season

“Hotel Paradise”

they took over



Roch. Man

In an interview with Świat Gwiazd, he made an honest confession. A participant who became known as

a person extremely focused on winning

he did not intend to hide the fact that if he had won,

he wouldn’t share the money.

I wasn’t hiding it, I would have thrown that ball. (…) Everyone would be shocked, so it’s more for entertainment at the very end.

I would quit for such a beautiful accent.

In the interview, he also revealed what he would do with the prize. It turns out that money was not her priority at all.

This money wasn’t the most important part for me and

I would just share it.

(…) I would even rather quit, say: “good 50/50 either way”, take the money, or as I had planned,

just share with my friends

– he convinces.

Roch opens up about his relationship with Justyna. He says if he was faking affection

There was also the topic of Justyna, with whom, although he reached the finals, he failed to build a relationship after leaving the show. He assured that

he didn’t fake affection.

The emotions I felt for Justyna were sincere

and it’s hard for me to explain how they work. It was the first time in my life in a place where I showed my feelings in front of so many cameras, so many people

– he recalls.

He claims that after returning to Poland they tried to continue their relationship, unfortunately,

ultimately, it did not stand the test of time.

After the broadcast, we had very good contact for a few months

, that’s my opinion. I don’t have any contact with anyone every day. (…) I also like being alone. Maybe in this case it wasn’t such an issue. I would have to think about it seriously, I don’t want to throw words to the wind

– he explained intricately.

We remind you, according to Justyna

Roch did nothing to cultivate the relationship.

In fact, our contact broke off after we left the hotel. When the cameras turned off, that’s it

Roch probably didn’t want to continue this relationship.

This was the biggest surprise for me.

I tried, sometimes I wrote something. We had sporadic contact, but there was no romantic relationship

– she complained to the portal cozatydzien.tvn.pl, adding:

There was a conversation, we met once, I told him that I really cared about him, that I was waiting for him to write that we would meet when he returned. He was a bit shocked, then he apologized to me and said that he knew he had messed things up a bit.

But nothing really changed after that conversation, so I then told him that I thought he was an actor in the show.

I didn’t blame him then, because after returning to Poland I quickly felt that Roch was not the right person for me.

Finally, the man confessed that participating in the program allowed him to slightly re-evaluate his life. Including the friendship that began in front of the cameras.

The perception of the other person changes, or the perception of ourselves changes. I came back and strongly reevaluated my life.

Only now I’m actually learning a lot from broadcasting. I actually apologized to Justyna for my attitude, because I couldn’t fully define it. I couldn’t explain why it had changed so much. To this day I am not able to answer exactly

– he says.

And all clear?

We are reminding:

Continuation of the scandal surrounding Roch from the “Paradise Hotel”. The program regulations have been CHANGED for him?!

Source: pudelek.pl

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