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Hostages in the Gaza Strip. The head of the National Security Bureau about a Polish citizen


The head of the National Security Bureau, Jacek Siewiera, and the presidential minister, Wojciech Kolarski, are visiting Israel, where they met, among others, with representatives of the National Security Council of Israel and talked about the situation and military activities in the Gaza Strip.

— We discussed the security situation, risks and threats related to its future course and the situation of Polish citizens in the Gaza Strip, the head of the National Security Bureau reported to journalists on site.

There are citizens of the Republic of Poland in the territory of the Gaza Strip. This is over 25 peoplewho were in the Gaza Strip in the period since the terrorist attack, but one of the Polish citizens – Alexader Danzig – is also among the hostages – informed the head of the National Security Bureau. “We have reasonable grounds to expect that in the coming hours and days, we hope, some citizens will leave the Gaza Strip,” he stressed.


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