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He’s only two years old. Justyna Kowalczyk’s son is already doing it. Mom is bursting with pride


Justyna Kowalczyk is one of the most successful Polish athletes. She is a multi-medalist at the Olympic World Championships and a four-time winner of the World Cup in cross-country skiing. The Pole is one of two cross-country skiers in the history of this discipline (along with the Finnish Marjo Matikainen) who won the World Cup. Three times in a row. Having won a total of five Olympic medals, she is the most outstanding (in terms of the number of medals) Polish athlete in the history of the Winter Olympic Games and the second, after Irena Szewińska, the most successful Polish woman in terms of medal achievements at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

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Justyna Kowalczyk is bursting with pride. Her two-year-old son took his first steps on skis

Although Kowalczyk has already retired from sports running, people still remember her huge successes. However, the runner devotes herself to another passion, also sports – she walks in the mountains, just like she did with her tragically deceased husband – Kacper Tekieli. She takes her two-year-old son Hugo hiking in the mountainswhich clearly spent so much time with mom I like the time very much. Recently, the athlete boasted about another peak she conquered. But we’re not talking about the mountains here, but, as it turns out… skis, on which the little one has just taken his first “steps”.

First steps on skis – she captioned a photo of the toddler with small skis on her feet, adding a heart emoticon, which clearly indicates that Kowalczyk is bursting with pride at seeing her beloved son following in her footsteps.

Hugo Tekieli is two years old and already doing it. “You can’t cheat genes”

Kacper Tekieli – climber, alpinist, was the husband of Justyna Kowalczyk for three years. He died in an avalanche on the Jungfrau peak in Switzerland. This tragedy occurred in May this year. However, the runner emphasized on social media that the relationship with the athlete was an “honor” for her. A sportswoman in one of her online entries she promised her husband that she and their 2-year-old son Hugo were going to live the way her partner taught her – bravely. On the occasion of this entry, she posted a photo of a boy climbing rocks. She also wrote: “You can’t cheat genes.” We will probably find out whether Hugo Tekiela will take up sports and, if so, what sport he will choose in at least a few years, but we wish him good luck. You can find more photos of Justyna Kowalczyk in our gallery at the top of the page.


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