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He has the gift of clairvoyance. Aida Kosojan-Przybysz turned to Poles


Aida Kosojan-Przybysz is a visionary, composer, vocalist, lyricist and columnist. She was born in Georgia, but currently lives in Poland, where she is popular.

Aida Kosojan-Przybysz inherited the gift of clairvoyance from her grandmother, and she learned about its existence when she was four years old. Then the neighbors’ daughter went missing, but little Aida knew well that nothing was in danger to her life. She consoled the distraught parents by saying that their daughter had only gotten married. The woman actually returned home soon, with her husband by her side.

The visionary is active on social media, where she has gathered quite a large audience. Her Instagram profile is now followed by almost 55,000 people. people. This is where he regularly publishes posts and shares messages with Internet users.

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A new post has just appeared on Aida Kosojan-Przybysz’s Instagram profile, with another message in it. This time, the visionary decided to emphasize that life is a journey. She pointed out what makes it difficult to reach the goal and what can be extremely helpful. “Life is a road. Life is also a staircase on which you climb up or go down. It is important to feel every step you take. Slippery stairs, wet with spilled tears and regret, are one of the main obstacles to reaching your goal. “A handrail can be a friend’s shoulder, or you can be a handrail, both for yourself and for others. Self-awareness, eyes open to the world, taking care of clean ground under your feet, hygiene of the soul and pure thoughts are your protection and driving force,” she said. visionary.

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Many follow Aida Kosojan-Przybysz’s tips and even look forward to her next messages. As usual, there were many words of gratitude and comments from Internet users under the post. “Beautifully formulated thoughts”, “Such everyday words, expressed in unusual words – thank you”, “I’m walking down wet stairs today… Thank you for these motivating words” – we read on Instagram.



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