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Some time ago, Gabriel Seweryn from “Queens of Life” was forced to register as unemployed. However, the fur designer quickly found an idea for another business. Look what he came up with.

Gabriel Seweryn

he became known thanks to his participation in the “Queens of Life” program. The designer appeared in the show together with his then partner

Rafał Grabias.

Unfortunately, recognition clearly left a mark on their relationship, because in 2021, after 18 years spent together, they decided to

break up.

Of course, there was also some public washing of dirty linen. The 56-year-old also found it quickly

a new object of desire.

We are reminding:

Gabriel Seweryn despairs because Internet users demand that he abandon the “stalker” Kamil and RETURN TO RAFAŁ: “They prepared REAL HELL for us”

It’s impossible not to notice that the last few months haven’t been great

Gabriel Seweryn

gracious. First the celebrity

He was detained by the police together with his loved one

and then he fell victim



Gabriel Seweryn from “Queens of Life” WAS A VICTIM OF VANDALISM. Internet users: “I think it’s about animal suffering” (VIDEO)

The rest of the article is below the video

Gabriel about a toxic relationship with Rafał


Gabriel Seweryn is bankrupt. He had to close the business

Additionally, in September he informed Fr

closing the fur and leather business.

He recorded a video from the Vocational Activation Center at the District Labor Office in Głogów and openly admitted that he was unemployed and no longer had any clients. Due to the lack of insurance, he also registered as


I have always loved what I did and I still love what I do, however

something died inside me.

I am terrified.

I burned out professionally

– he complained.

Gabriel Seweryn changed the industry. What is he currently doing?

However, he quickly found a new tease. For a few weeks now, “Versace from Głogów”

attends a permanent makeup course

after which he intends to open a salon where he will provide services.


Learning permanent eyebrow makeup can be a passion that never ends.

I’m ready for future lessons. Thank you very much and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to change something in their life and discover a new passion. (…)

– he writes in one of numerous posts devoted to what he is currently doing.

Although Gabriel can count on warm words from fans under his entries, there are also slightly less enthusiastic comments.

Oh mother. During such training you have to be focused and not listen to Kamil’s stupid comments and look at your phone all the time.

I would be afraid to undergo such a procedure at your place.

But I keep my fingers crossed, practice and you should be fine


I feel sorry for any potential clients


I had such eyebrows done over 10 years ago, which I removed.

Now natural shades without all those angular lines are fashionable

– we read.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Seweryn?

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