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Haryana government holds secret water meeting on 26-27 April


Chandigarh, April 11 (IANS) Chief Minister Sanjeev Kaushal said on Tuesday that the Haryana government will hold a two-day water social meeting on April 26-27, which will be inaugurated by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

The Water Park aims to raise awareness, build partnerships, and promote collaborative efforts to ensure sustainable management of water resources, which is essential for the social and economic development and well-being of citizens.

Presiding over a meeting with senior officials from the departments of Irrigation, Water Resources, Agriculture, Farmer Welfare, Energy, Finance, Industries, Forestry and Fisheries here, Kaushal added that the government is constantly working on the ‘3-R’ principle – reduce, recycle and reuse – for water management.

He asked departments to prepare and submit a water action plan by April 20.

According to the Prime Minister’s vision, the Water Park will provide a platform for policymakers to engage with experts and stakeholders, identify challenges, and formulate policies and strategies to effectively address water-related issues, said the Secretary-General.

The need of the hour is to consider the rapidly increasing municipal treated unused water as a potential water resource that can be appropriately put to effective use especially for non-potable purposes.

Departments of Agriculture and Horticulture have set a target of crop diversification under ‘Mera Pani Mera Virasat’ to be adopted in 3.46 lakh acres, reclamation of waterlogged areas in at least one acre, and change in cropping pattern according to the hydro-climatic regions.

The Irrigation and Water Resources Department and the Micro-Irrigation Command Area Development Authority (MICADA) have set a goal to replenish 2,000 rural ponds and use them for irrigation, while containing 50 percent seepage losses by lining, feeding structures, and reservoirs.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has set a target of 100 per cent treated wastewater reuse in Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation estates, in textile clusters and all industrial units above 1,000 kiloliters per day for non-drinking use of treated wastewater.

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