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Hanna Gucwińska died. For years she was the director of the Wrocław Zoo


Hanna Gucwińska Together with her late husband, Antoni, she hosted the popular TV program “With a Camera Among Animals”. The mayor of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, announced her death.

Hanna Gucwińska – the long-time legendary director of the Wrocław Zoo, together with her husband Antoni Gucwiński (died in 2021), has died. For years, the program With a Camera Among Animals, which she hosted, taught us sensitivity towards our smaller brothers. We will miss her greatly

Jacek Sutryk, mayor of Wrocław.

In 2002, the last episode of the program “With a camera among animals” by Hanna and Antoni Gucwiński was broadcast on television.

The cult program “With a Camera Among Animals” was recorded in the Wrocław zoo for decades. Its hosts were Hanna and Antoni Gucwiński.

From January 17, 1971, when “With a Camera Among Animals” first appeared on our TV screens, until June 22, 2002, when the program was taken off the air, as many as 1,016 episodes were created.


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