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Hammered Robin Thicke misbehaves with fiance April Love Geary


Los Angeles, Sep 10 (IANS) Singer-songwriter Robin Thicke ended up in an embarrassing situation after he got drunk and misbehaved with his model-fiance April Love Geary, who tried to stop him.

The video went viral on social media, which showed the two standing outside on September 7 night, and saw the singer completely drunk, with a visibly embarrassed and exhausted Geary standing on the sidewalk while waiting for their ride.

The video on X, formerly called Twitter, featured by netizens, showed his partner loudly shouting: “his b**** a** is so drunk!” as she attempts to get him inside the car before he breaks free.

After breaking free from Geary’s attempt to stabalise him, he attempted to re-enter the lounge and nearly fell into a plant in cartoonish fashion.

She told the guard: “Do not let him go in, his is so drunk!”

Then standing again by the sidewalk, with Thicke tumbling upside down, she grabbed him again and said: “This is so embarrassing. F*** Robin. You are so f****** drunk!”

Afterwards, he begins to grope and embrace her with Geary trying her best to keep cool with a visibly fake smile, telling her partner “Robin pls stop! F****** stop!”

When some of the paparazzi arrived, she urged one of them to take a picture of Thicke as he slid on to her and nearly stumbled on the sidewalk, before he started to grope her and was even unable to walk.

“Oh look, the media is here, Robin, you are embarrassing me. This is so embarrassing. Robin, you better f****** stop.”

Afterwards, their ride arrived, a big black land cruiser and she attempted to get him in, though Thicke picked her up momentarily before letting go, she then pushed him in and they drove off.


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