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Hajto talks honestly about his relationship with Borek. “He trusted people he shouldn’t have.”


– You can’t throw a 25- or 28-year-old friendship into the trash bin – said Tomasz Hajto about his friendship with Mateusz Borek. In an interview with Żurnalist, the former Polish representative revealed when he last saw the commentator, with whom he reported dozens of club and national team meetings, and how long they have not been in constant contact. Despite this, he expressed his readiness to help Borek if necessary.

For years, Tomasz Hajto and Mateusz Borek have been associated with football programs on Polsat and commenting together on matches of the Champions League, Bundesliga and the Polish national team. The peak of this cooperation probably occurred around Euro 2016. The two men have no longer been in contact for several years. – I wish him well, but we have had no contact at all for 7-8 months. […] I’ve known him for 25 years. Tomek Hajto has always been a naturalist. I met him sometime in the mid-1990s. I went to Bundesliga matches when he was still playing with Piotrek Reiss in Duisburg. This was the beginning of our friendship. He was a guy who was willing to help, who would give you his last slice of bread. I must admit that I had a soft spot for Tomek and I helped him several times in my life – Borek said in March 2020 in Channel Sportowy.

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Tomasz Hajto about Mateusz Borek. “Can’t be thrown away”

The topic of Hajta’s friendship with Borek was raised in the former’s conversation on the channel Journalist . – You can’t throw a 25-year or 28-year friendship into the trash bin. We haven’t spoken to each other for three years. During the last match of the national team, we said hello for the first time and shook hands, said Hajto.

At the same time, he emphasized that he would always help his friend with whom he commented dozens of matches. – I never wished him any harm, even if I didn’t talk to him. I have never said anything publicly about him, I have never made any statements. I would never reveal our secrets, and we’ve been through a lot. If he called, even at 5 a.m., I would get in the car and go help him.

– I think he trusted people he shouldn’t have trusted, but he met them along the way. It also seems to me that he reached the point where he made a fool of himself, added Hajto, but did not reveal who he had in mind.

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This is how much Tomasz Hajto needs to live at a high standard

In the same conversation, the former Polish representative revealed how much he believed he had to earn to “live normally” . – Well, I think it’s 40 to live a normal life [tysięcy – przyp. red.] you have to have it – replied Hajto. The former footballer’s statement was met with numerous comments from Internet users. Some defended him, stating that in his case such an amount was nothing unusual, but some accused Tomasz Hata of having too material an approach to life.


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